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Anthony Lamacchia 00:23: So I am happy to be here with Mr. Paul Cervone. Hello, sir. Good to see you.  So you just hit 10 years in the business?

Paul Cervone  00:32: Yes, sir. Like a week ago? Yeah, yeah, it’s actually my 10 year anniversary of March 11. 10 years as a realtor. And it’s been a wonderful journey to say.

Anthony Lamacchia  00:41: Well, congrats to you on having some real big years over the last couple of years. It’s been impressive to see, an

d we’re going to talk about that. But what I want to do first is get in the time capsule, let’s go back 10 years and just walk people through, you know, what was the like, the first couple years, you know, after year four or five, you moved here and like a year, how many years you’ve been here.

Paul Cervone  01:00: This is my third full year here.

Anthony Lamacchia  01:02: You came in the Fall of 2017? First of all, what did you do before real estate? Tell me that.

Anthony Lamacchia


Paul Cervone  01:10: Yep. So going back in time, I was a business leader in retail, big-box retail. I worked for Christmas Tree Shop, CVS, and Target. So I did that for more than 20 years; led a lot of field initiatives, store manager, manage hundreds of people. So a lot of those business skills have served me very well. You know, bringing that business savvy and that forward-thinking and that strategic thinking to this real estate.

Anthony Lamacchia  01:32: I remember and I’m not trying to interrupt your story, but I remember when you started using the set right back there, you never missed the damn training for the first time was my see, for the first few years, you sat back there and used to take notes. And one thing that I noticed there were two things I noticed about you pretty quick. Number one, you took notes, but you identified the process. And then you just did it. You just did like there was no like, let me redo this. You know, you see the design we have back there imitate before you innovate, right? That’s exactly what you did. And that’s what I love about you. Because you just said, Wait, this works better. Okay, cool. I’m doing it. . And when you first started in the business, you weren’t here, but let’s talk through that journey a little bit. I’ll go back.

Paul Cervone  02:09: Yeah, no, that’s okay. Yeah.  Well, so what I started with this company called the MLS In Minneapolis, Minnesota, they actually had an office here in Waltham, Massachusetts. Didn’t know what I was getting into. Because I didn’t know anything about real estate. I just figured I’m a people person, you know, very customer-centric. And I thought this would be a nice place for me as a profession. My son was just being born and I needed that flexibility. So I was daddy daycare at that time. So the life events really triggered my professional decision to make them run into real estate. Because at the time  we were living up in Albany, New York area, my wife and I, that’s where we got married. We had our son up there, we lived up there for about five or six years, I was still in the retail space. And we came back. And when we came back and relocated to Massachusetts, now I’m living in Burlington, for about 11 years now. Then I decided to make a move into real estate. So I started with this company that was kind of an internet-based company, but they were very buyer-centric, and they were trying to break into the Massachusetts market. So they did a lot of Google advertising to bring in lead generation and I was one of the first agents into this company.  And I had a nice connection with the broker-owner. And you know, she, they are actually are a brand they had 125 people in their office up and so they were a well-known brand out there. You’re not here, of course. So that’s kind of where I started.

Anthony Lamacchia  03:30: You didn’t know scripts?  Imagine if you did that now, knowing what you know, now?

Paul Cervone 03:37: Only if I would’ve, could’ve, should’ve we can take that journey down the road. First-year in business, I probably did like 12 sales.  I was like this rental guru. And I’m like, What the hell did I get myself into? Because my broker-owner was saying, Yeah, rentals are so easy. They’re quick. So here I was traveling from Burlington, Massachusetts, all the way out to Worcester. And everything was imploding on me. It was just kind of crazy. Every deal. The buyers would just ghost on you couldn’t afford it. Their credit was blown up, but I’m saying what the heck am I getting into? Right? This is real estate?.

Paul Cervone  04:12: So this is 2011. I’m starting my career and I’m thinking I’m going to conquer the world and in rentals, and nothing is going well. Of course, you know, when you shout it out to the rooftops, hey, I’m in real estate to your family and friends they finally know, but that takes time.

Anthony Lamacchia 04:27: They’re not giving business but the majority are like, Oh, good luck. Good luck.

Paul Cervone  04:33: You get the golf clap, you know?  But it’s very passive. So you’re working, you know, and again, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I didn’t have a coach. I didn’t have a mentor.  I’m chasing all the shiny objects. And you know, looking at all sorts of lead generation products and spending all this money in your in, you know, you’re finally realizing that you don’t get a paycheck until like three, four or five, six months, until the deal closes. But my wife and I had a good plan. You had money in retirement. She was the earner. I had the flexibility with the daddy daycare. So it was a good balance of life balance. And so that’s that was my catapult into the industry. You know, not knowing anything not knowing where to go.

Anthony Lamacchia  05:12: Well, at least you had a little bit of runway financially. Yeah, so that helped. But it doesn’t mean you weren’t stressed.

Paul Cervone  05:17: And so that’s a huge tip.

Anthony Lamacchia  05:19: 12 sales, of course, 12 sales the first year, and then that was 2011. And then what were you somewhere between there? And yet, like 20 sales until 2017?

Paul Cervone  05:27: Yep, yep. So fast forward into, let’s say, the next 3,4,5,6 years ahead. It was roughly anywhere from 15 to 20 sides.

Anthony Lamacchia  05:35: And most of that was the buyer leads that you were getting, and then I imagine your sphere was growing a little

Paul Cervone  05:41: As you know, and we talked about this a lot. We say you know, year three, year five, right in the business, your business just finds a way to you because people are now moving up to bigger homes or first-time homebuyers. It takes time it does. It’s not like you can turn on a switch.

Anthony Lamacchia  05:54: I try to say that to new agents, and they don’t you know, they have to believe that they think they’re going to just stay there forever. Yeah, they think they’re going to be a rockstar. And then three months in when they realize, wait, this is hard. I actually have to work, I have to apply myself.  And then that’s when we end up finding out who’s gonna stick it out and who isn’t. And you know, you are certainly someone who doesn’t play games with implementation. But then you got turned on to us, a mutual friend of ours, Shant helped connect you with us. And you came over and my friend, you jumped into training like, a lot of the people that are going to watch our training customers across North America. So they can some of them can relate to you. Some of them might not be on the training yet. But, you jumped in like a champ. I mean, it’s impressive. And you went from 20 to 40, 40 to almost 60 now, well, sales a year.

Paul Cervone  06:45: Yeah. Yeah.

Anthony Lamacchia  06:46: I mean, last year was how many? 58 and 2020.

Paul Cervone  06:47: So, so actually, I transacted 60 but I closed 57. Okay, cause some of those deals pushed into the new Yeah. So I have a great January.  You know it was a great launching pad. But going back to the Shant discussion Shant and I started in the business when I was with that other brokerage.  I knew him before he was with Guaranteed Rate.  Okay, so that relationship was nurturing all these years. And you and I had connected a few different times throughout the conversation. And I just remember, you know, watching the Get More videos, and I was just so enthralled in the vision, and you know, how excited people were, you know, with the value proposition. And that’s what I realized the light bulb went off in 2017, realizing that I was at a place in my life, when I was ready to scale my business. My wife said to me, You have to go sell more homes because our son’s going into college. Yeah, I need to make serious dough. So it’s kind of funny. And that’s a true-life story. Yeah, it was really about a life journey, you know, finding that time. So Shant, and I, you know, and you we finally connected, I was really impressed with your vision, all the things that you’d accomplished in such a short time, and I wanted to be part of that story. And that’s why I’m here today.

Anthony Lamacchia Anthony Lamacchia 07:58: Well, it helps, you know, I’m grateful it could be to have you here with us. And for those of you that are listening locally, you know, Paul and I promised each other we wouldn’t make this an advertisement for our company. So we won’t, but, you know, for national people, for local people. This is an example of someone who identified needing to maybe make a change and made it and we’re, you know, he happened to make it with us. Great. Okay. I appreciate it. I love it. But this interview is more about Paul identifying things he needed to change in changing and you and I know. I mean, heck, you’ve tried to help me with other people. We know in the business with people here at the company. Some people they know they need to make a change, they don’t do a damn thing about it. Right? And let’s break that down to a business level. Now. You joined the company. I remember it was November of 17. You told me I’m coming in two weeks later, you were here. But then you started identifying things that you probably or weren’t doing right or miss stepping with buyers or miss stepping with sellers in the sales process. You started making changes and look what happened. So give everyone some real-life examples like you just did with your own family. Because I guarantee you there are people listening, they’re like, shit, I have that happening in my house. Give some real-life examples of things that you were doing with buyers, for example, that you changed and it made a difference things that you’re dealing with sellers that you change made a difference things you’re doing with your sphere.

Paul Cervone  09:16: So if I can just bring some context back a little bit, okay. And we’ll get into that. But so you talked about how I was in the room and I was. I basically once I joined the team, I wanted to absorb like a sponge. I was absolutely 100% sponge sitting and I went through every training five times that you had in the first year. And I was kind of my because I have this wheel going on. I’m like the Gerbil wheel. It’s It never stops. And my wife yells at me and throws things and says, Paul, you listening to me? Are you listening? And it’s you know, I can imagine you’ve got the Lamacchia Realty superhighway going on in your mind because you’re thinking at such a high level to grow the business and I’m you know, at a different stage, but I’m doing 21 sides and 18 in my first year of just understanding the philosophy. And that was good. And I was really proud of that. So about 7 million in volume. Then 19, I step in, and all of a sudden I double that; I did 38 sides. And you know what I did? Here’s where he would let’s get into the conversation. Here’s what I changed. So I took all that knowledge and that wisdom that I learned and implemented, and I put on the new tool belt because I’m a flexible thinker. Outside the Box. So I had to realign to say, How am I going to treat buyer relationships different to grow my business and seller relationships differently? And are you going to do the right things in the right order? Right, we’ve talked about You know, and so for me, it’s all about Toma, Top of Mind Awareness. Yeah, that was the big thing that I had to change. And I made a goal in from 18. And I said, What do I want to accomplish in 19? Because I’m, I’m one of those people that are forward-thinking about I’m very goal-driven, you know, like you, you know, we want to execute to high levels. So I said, I want to make President’s Club. It’s my goal. And I did it.

Anthony Lamacchia  10:59: Congratulations on making President’s Club, but let’s pause there for a second. When you say you wanted it, you realize you needed to have TOMA: Top of Mind Awareness. You, you and I, we’ve talked about it. You’ve heard me do trainings on it. It comes from my dad, right? He loves that saying, but what did you do different? One thing that I noticed, you dramatically increased your social media presence. Dramatically. So talk about that for a minute.

Anthony LamacchiaPaul Cervone  11:23: So Top of Mind Awareness, if I was going to impart a piece of wisdom for anybody out there listening, you know, that is the secret sauce and one of the magic bullets, because I think people think that you can just come into this business. You’ve got to work hard, you’ve got to be an action taker, right? I mean, if you don’t put in the work, you’re never going to get the result, no one is going to do it. And you’ve got to own your shit. But ultimately, no one is going to do it for you. And you have to be accountable to yourself. You can have all the coaching and the leadership in the world, but if you can’t hold yourself accountable, so when I talked about, you know, Top of Mind Awareness, I’m sending out postcards. I’m texting. I’m dming. You know, I’m on Facebook now.

Anthony Lamacchia  12:01: How many postcards you’re doing? You’re doing it to your sphere?

Paul Cervone  12:03: Oh, yeah.

Anthony Lamacchia  12:04: And past clients?

Paul Cervone  12:04: Past clients. So here’s, here’s a crazy exercise. So what did I What did I do? So I went back in time to when I first started in the business, I was pulling up all sorts of public records. My clients. And I’m finding out did they sell their house? Where do they move, and I’m looking at all the business that I had lost because I had no Top of Mind Awareness. Those cities didn’t stay in touch with them, not a touch.

Anthony Lamacchia  12:27: You’ve never told me this. As soon as you said, I went back and looked at public records, I said, I know exactly what he’s gonna say. Because past clients are a gold mine. They are a gold mine and agents miss it.

12:40: Let’s take a quick break in here from Dave Karoly, the Master of objection handling, as he teaches you how to overcome buyer and seller concerns.

Dave Karoly  12:50: Alright, so today’s objection we’re going to cover when a seller asks you, What’s your commission? So first, most importantly, if you’re hearing that a lot start with going over your actual presentation, it probably means you’re not showing as much value as you’d like to. Also, remember we go into commission after the net sheet. When sellers still ask me after that, first they just answer the question, my commission is X percent. And I say nothing, even if it’s uncomfortable for a little bit. You know, if they push from there, I’ll say something like, Well, let me ask you what’s most important Mr. Seller, getting top dollar? or paying the lowest commission? And then let them answer. And then I say something like, Well, Mr. Seller, remember when we talked about marketing, we talked about why creating the most demand is so important. So let me ask you, do you think that other company can create as much demand as we do? Okay, well, what would you rather do? Would you rather sell your home for 400,000 and pay X percent, or sell it for 375 and pay a little less than X percent? It’s gonna put way more money in your pocket. So why don’t we do this? Why don’t we do all the marketing we talked about, create a lot of demand to help you reach those goals? How does that sound?

Paul Cervone  14:04: So, so here I am bleeding money, because I’ve lost all this business, right? And, you know, you feel like you’re leaving so much business, and then you think about the impact to your family and that income you could have taken in.  And that would have been a difference-maker. So I put it in a very global perspective of kind of that life, work balance and how I achieve and drive you know, my strategies, you know, so for me, when I did that exercise, and I don’t know if anyone’s really done that, you know, but uh, you know, if you’ve got a book of business for three years, and you’ve not done anything with TOMA and going back and touching those people, you’ve probably lost 40 or 50% of that business. So I might have left 30 or 60 deals on the table in that six-year period.

Anthony Lamacchia  14:44: Wow.  And then what did you do? You got all the public records, cut them into the database?

Paul Cervone  14:48: Yeah, so I get them into my database. And then you know what? Here’s the thing about Paul Cervone is that things are never over, even when they’re over. They’re never over. I’m so so vigilant. I’m relentless. I know Okay, about chasing down business and wanting to help people because that’s how I’m made. I like to pay it forward, and I like to help people. So even when a deal looks like it’s gonna die, and it’s someone says it’s dead I said, No, it’s not dead. Why do you think it’s dead? Let’s, you know. So go back to the social media. So the company, incredible marketing team here, you know is automating my social media, but I was never social media-driven six years ago. Even for my first six years, you know, so now I have a presence, now there’s a brand being built. Now there’s a value proposition for Paul Cervone.

Anthony Lamacchia  15:35: Honestly, you remind me to post stuff, sometimes cause you’ll tag me. And I’ll be like, Oh, no, I didn’t share that, or whatever.

Paul Cervone  15:41: It’s a conversation.

Anthony Lamacchia  15:43: I want to go back to postcards. How many people do you have in your database? Let’s start there. Because that is to you? Oh, yeah, I put them in my database. You’re like, what’s the big deal? To agents listening, agents miss the database opportunity every day, every week. Do you have 200? Do you have 400?

Paul Cervone  16:00: So the database was like 1200 initially, right? You can’t manage 1200. You know? So it’s cleaned up. It’s refined. So maybe right now you have these ABCD clients, right? The hot the cold, the medium, you know, when their timelines are. So right now I’m managing about 200. You know, real, I think viable to kind of nurture past clients going back 10 years.

Anthony Lamacchia  16:15: So they’re in there and you’re hitting them with a monthly newsletter email, which is automatic from us, but that’s beside the point. They’re getting that. And then they’re getting a postcard. How often?

Paul Cervone  16:32: Yep, they’re getting postcards, probably monthly from me. But also check this out. DM’s on Facebook. , Happy Birthday, Happy anniversary, every event that goes on. I’m like a freaking social media troll.

Anthony Lamacchia  16:48: And then you send them like articles and things?

Paul Cervone  16:51: You know, I’m pretty knowledge base. And I like to drive metrics to follow.

Anthony Lamacchia  16:55: You and I love educating your way. And with media, you educate them, it’ll draw them to you. So that’s cool. I did not know this about the database, or the postcards. But yeah, that’s interesting.

Paul Cervone  17:08: You have to I guess, Anthony, you have to work from a place of strength. That’s the way that I manage my life in my business, you have to look back to move forward. So you have to have the metrics and the data and the information to make good informed decisions. How can you allow a buyer or a seller to make a good informed decision if you don’t educate them about the market? Right? We talk about this all the time, sending things of value, little things. Here’s something that I do Thanksgiving, I’m texting, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving to 100 people. Yeah, you know, Merry Christmas, you know, Happy Hanukkah, it is what it is. Right? If you get your database organized, and you know what the trigger points and what the emotional points and you know what they’re looking for, then you can tailor your strategies, right to make an impact. And you won’t you won’t believe how many people respond to me on a holiday or someone saying, good, we’ll happy wish Oh, thank you for the reminder. Spring Forward.

Anthony Lamacchia  18:03: You’re using every excuse you can.

Paul Cervone  18:05: You have to leverage every resource out there social media, text, you say pick up your cell phone, start at the A’s and dial to Z’s. How many people do we have in our freaking cell phone? It’s got to be like 12,000 contacts.

Anthony Lamacchia  18:18: He’s saying all the things that I preach, and he’s doing it like a champ. Let’s talk about how you’re managing at all. Because I know you’re taking advantage of some of the services we have here at the company, but in addition to that, you’re also leveraging some newer agents. You’re I mean, doing us a favor because you’re training some newer agents by getting some help from them. And that’s kind of how you’re having yourself in two places at once. So yeah, spend a couple of minutes on that, because this audience is also going to be top agents that have had trouble keeping up.

Paul Cervone  18:49: Yes. So thank you for that. As you know, like I love in my packs background, I had a very centric training. I mean, I was training people all the time, hundreds of people. You know, so I love mentoring. I love coaching. And I love just helping people. I love seeing people’s success. I thrive on that. I believe in the team concept that together, everyone achieves more. So that’s what I’m all about. That’s how I’m built. So in here in our business, I have new agents reaching out to me daily. I think Joselin and Darlene said, so you know, we’re doing ice training. Well, I haven’t shared this, but I’m right there with that. Yeah, you know, and I want to and I want to help, you know, so they don’t know what they don’t know. And they’re looking at the top producers, new leaders to try to guide them and they want it life real-life experience. And I said, Okay, come along for the journey. Yeah, but I can’t come out to every lunch that you want to take me.

Anthony Lamacchia  18:54: Of course, but they can help you and they learned that can help you.

Paul Cervone  19:42: So here’s what I’ve done to lead myself to success from getting from 20 sales to 60 sales, okay, over three years. You have to realign your thought process and your plans every year. I reinvent myself every year, okay? It’s never the same. If we’re doing the same things every year, we get the same result. You Just think outside the box. So like, you know, re-acclimate my business plan. My business plan starts every year in the Summer, okay, and then I go into the fall, then I start sending out postcards, phone calls, I’m starting to build the pipeline for the next year. If you’re not starting in the late summer, you’re missing or the early Fall to build the relationships to say, Hey, are you thinking about a move? Here’s a great blog, here’s the information. Here’s what we think about interest rates. I mean, think about you talk about being the leader of knowledge, the doctor right there. Right? You’ve got to be the doctor, you’ve got to be the expert in whether you’re in their community or not, by imparting that kind of wisdom and making those connections are critical, you know, to people, so I start the business planning. So when we got into 2020, we didn’t know what was to come. So I started that I started the you know, that Summer that Fall, I said, Okay, 19 I made President’s Club, where am I going for 20? Well, I was saying I’m going I’m going all-in on Elite.  I’m going to 50 deals plus. And so I said, Okay, and so when we I don’t know if you know, if you recall, this, Lindsay showed, but we had the goal-setting exercise and go to the board, baby, let’s go up to the board. Let’s make it real. Right. Let’s put it in front of everybody. So my target number was 50, because I wanted to lead. Okay. And we talked about what one thing would you change? You know, I said, Well, I want to change my interactions and increase my TOMA and Top of Mind Awareness in touch more sphere clients. So that was the one thing that I wanted to change.

Anthony Lamacchia  21:33: Instead of doing company leads?

Paul Cervone  21:36: One thing I was taking away is I was not going to be a Zillow premier or anybody I was not going to lead, generate and spend 1000s of wasted dollars.  I was going to do the things for free and pick up my damn phone and start calling people.

Anthony Lamacchia  21:49: At that time, a year and a half ago, you had 200 past clients from so many years. So it’s like, why wouldn’t you? You know, and you did it. But you know, when you do it. And the other thing that you do is you’re consistent. Once you know something works, you never let up. And I mean, that’s how I run the company. You’re doing the same thing with you don’t let up, you’re just relentless. So consistency. Yeah. And not letting up in getting lazy and, you know all that. So that is pretty much what I wanted to go through. Are there any last thoughts that you want to share with the audience for kind of pointers where they can ramp their business more if they’re newer or ramp more if they’re, if they’ve hit a ceiling, and they’re stuck going to the next level? Like why don’t you take the last few minutes and give some last thoughts?

Paul Cervone  22:34 Thank you, I appreciate it. So getting back to 2020, in operating in a pandemic year was totally unusual. We never knew what we were going to, you know, come up against. And when I started the business plan, I said 50, but I had a stretch goal. And I think people were taken back by me setting a stretch goal, because they were in thinking that way. You know, most people think I want to hit a target and they point to that target. I’m always in front of that tenfold. So in order to hit the target you like I’m thinking about how many appointments do I have to have? How many phone calls am I making? How many hours am I gonna work on? We all work in the same 24-hour cycle, right? I don’t care if you’re doing 500 deals or two deals a month, you know, a year or whatever, right? We have the same block that we have to manage our time, time-block, but you have to create the plan. And here’s a couple of nuggets.

Anthony Lamacchia  23:19 I love what you’re saying about appointment leads, you go backwards as well. You don’t just focus on Oh, man, I have this many closings. You say, in order to have that many closings, How many appointments do I need to have?

Paul Cervone  23:29 Yep, so one of the things that I would say just going back for some tips here is that I have a huge database of a lot of people that I’ve managed in 10 years right. Now I’ve touched 1000s of people, let’s be honest, okay. What I’ve done is now reeled that in and said, Okay, let me focus on the top 200. And now let me focus on the top 100 and the 50. And, you know, that’s how I work forward in my business now. And then now I’m chasing new business, right? We continue to lead, generate and do those types of things. You know, but in the business planning goal, I think that a couple of key points that I want to, you know, just speak to if I can so first of all, is you have to find you in in your voice in real estate. You can’t be Paul Cervone. You can’t be Anthony Lamacchia. You have to be you. So that’s one thing is that you’ve got to find your book of business that you want to chase. Are you in the luxury market? Are you not? What town? You know, what do you want to plant your signs? So I think that’s a big takeaway. You know, we’ve talked about, you know, being Top of Mind, that’s the one regret that I have is that I never chased those six, six years of those past clients.

Anthony Lamacchia  24:30 But you are now.

Paul Cervone  24:30 I am now an animal. Yeah, I know what I’m saying. But if I only knew what I knew now, you know, things would have been fired, you know, greater accomplishments and success. Surround yourself with people that are better than you. And I feel that I found that place. I know there was some challenge. There are some great leaders here. Yeah, there are some great you know, big time agents here. And as much as I say I aspire to them, I aspire to learning from them. You know, that’s what I aspire to, you know, so I can kind of create my own roadway. You know, it’s called my Paul Cervone superhighway for real estate. And that’s what every agent should do. You know, we want to aspire to be the best and you know, we want to imitate before we innovate. But we have to find ourselves and we have to find our own voice. Dan Beer, right? He said, find your heart, right. That’s really a great saying because so many people in this business are paralyzed by fear. The fear of failing, the fear of someone hanging up on you and a lead generation call, the fear center person. So I say to everyone, embrace it, you know, right. Embrace it, get used to it. It’s at our doorstep.

Anthony Lamacchia  25:43 You’ve done this great. It’s like, okay, a lead doesn’t want to talk to you. Great. Go on to the next call. Yeah, like, who cares.

Paul Cervone  25:49 So here’s the thing, surround yourself with great people, right? Surround yourself with movers and shakers, like vendors like lenders, appraisers, attorneys, deal makers, not deal-breakers. People that are going to execute at a high level and share a philosophy that you do. When you align yourself with those types of people, there’s nothing you can’t overcome.

Anthony Lamacchia  26:08 I love it, my friend. Thank you so much.

Paul Cervone  26:10 You’re welcome! Congrats on a big year.  Thank you for having me.

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