Open Houses: To Host, or Not to Host?

Open houses are a topic of debate in the real estate world by both sellers and agents. Although there are mixed feelings there are a lot of opportunities that come with holding an open house. We break down some of the pros:


Why do open houses?

  • Drive traffic: buyers will notice how popular a house is when they see all the attention a house is receiving
  • Meet unrepresented buyers: we love converting leads to clients!
  • Make this your first impression on potential buyers. This also helps to limit disruption to your sellers (less showings).
  • Meet candidates firsthand: do they seem like serious buyers? How do they feel about the house? You get to feel them out whereas you wouldn’t normally be able to at a showing (unless they are an accompanied showing)
  • Additional exposure on your listing
  • Anyone can check the house out: this for some is a con, but it can also ignite fires under those buyers who may not think they are ready until they see your listing and love it.
  • Make it shine: This is your opportunity to make your listing stand out from all the others.

Although there are cons to most decisions, you can’t deny the positive side of open houses. Increased traffic and the possibility of signing up new buyers? Yes please!