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Have a client who is selling AND buying?

Sell/Buy: How to Navigate Both Sales Seamlessly

Navigating both sales when handling a sell/buy client requires skill and a lot of planning. Think of it as a high-impact sport.
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Sell/Buy Online Course Includes:

In this course Anthony will be going over everything from understanding their fears to timing both transactions out properly.

  • Understanding the Client’s Fears
  • The Lead Call
  • Storytime
  • The Appointment
  • The Importance of the Mortgage Broker/Lender
  • Getting Ready to List and Getting Ready to Buy
  • They Found the Right Home, Now What?
Are you ready to set AND achieve your goals?

Goal setting & achieving

This course can be done at any time of the year!
'Goal Setting and Achieving' on track and field race track

This course provides a step-by-step guide on how to do both – set and achieve. Anthony explains how you can free up more of your time to work on your business and how to hold yourself accountable to reaching your goals.

He explains how our detailed goal-setting spreadsheet can help map out what numbers you need to attain to reach those goals. Everything from # of leads you receive to # of closed transactions – you’ll be able to SEE where you need to get to.

Goal Setting & Achieving Course Includes:

  • What time-wasting activities to remove from your schedule
  • How to free up more time in your day-to-day routine
  • Goal setting excel document to track your goals
  • How to implement and make your new goals stick
  • Bonus videos
Want to double your seller business?


Ready to improve your skills on the art of not only signing up a listing but getting it at your price and commission?
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So you’ve signed up a seller – what’s next?

Our Listing Client Roadmap online course teaches you how to navigate the listing process seamlessly. Everything from the time you put a home on the market to closing the transaction, this course takes you step-by-step through the entire process all while improving your skills on effectively communicating and being proactive.

In this course we will cover the steps post-seller-sign-up, including:

  • Prelist
  • Setting expectations with your sellers
  • Getting the home listed
  • Negotiating the offer
    And more!

Get Your Listings Closed​

This step-by-step course teaches you the art of converting and signing up more listings and will teach you how to close them without the hassles you typically face.

Listing Client Roadmap Course Includes:

  • An entire proven system of getting homes listed, under contract and then to closing
  • Scripts and dialogues for every single objection you can think of from a seller
  • Price adjustment scripts
  • Home inspection scripts
  • Getting the home listed
  • Accepting an offer
  • Hiring the right attorney
  • Negotiating the home inspection
  • Signing of the P&S
  • Preparing for closing
  • How to keep your sale together for your seller
  • Emails to use that will guide your seller through the sale process
  • How to avoid common pitfalls
  • All Collateral materials used by Lamacchia Agents
  • And much more!


Buyer Lead Playbook course graphic

Tired of dealing with flaky buyers?

Having trouble getting people to not only meet with you but sign an exclusive agreement with you?

Our Buyer Lead Playbook course will take you step-by-step down the path of converting a lead from the time they come in, to the point of sign-up. This course will walk you through each and every small detail from what to say, text, email and more to not only get the buyer to meet with you but to get them excited to meet with you.

It doesn’t end there. Once they meet you, you’ll learn how to properly take them through the buyer meeting so that they sign up with you exclusively.

You’ll be working with MORE buyers than ever!

This is a promotional video for our Buyer Lead Playbook course as well as an introduction to our online training center.

This Course Will have You Mastering Buyer Leads from Call to Contract

These systems, strategies, and methods are the best around and when implemented increase an agent’s conversion rate of their online buyer leads to at least 5% within a few months. Some agents have a conversion rate of 10-20% with this system.

Buyer Lead Playbook Course Includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to buyer conversion process from lead to sign-up
  • How to reach more of your leads
  • What to say and what not to say when you get on the phone
  • How to convince a buyer to meet for a buyer consultation
  • Understanding of what a buyer really wants
  • Tactics to make the meeting stick
  • How to get the buyer to be loyal to you
  • The correct order and sequence in which to conduct the buyer meeting
  • All the same emails and texts Lamacchia Realty agents use to reach a buyer, confirm an appointment and more
  • All collateral materials used by Lamacchia Agents


'Buyer Client Roadmap' online course graphic

Wondering how to navigate the buying process as easily and seamlessly as possible?

Learn how to keep your buyer and the transaction on track!

Our Buyer Client Roadmap online course provides a guide of step by step actions on what to do with a buyer once they have committed to working with you; from showing homes, to getting the buyer to making realistic offers, how to navigate multiple offer situations, and how to get your buyer under contract as soon as possible.

We breakdown how to handle common roadblocks in the under agreement process and how to avoid them, which emails you should send to keep the deal on track, and how to handle items like the home inspection and appraisal with your buyer and the listing agent.

Get Your Buyers Closed!

This online course will provide all the resources, tactics and preventative steps to ensure the transaction process runs smoothly while improving your skills in keeping your buyer engaged as well as learning how to be ready to strike and win. 

Buyer Client Roadmap Course Includes:

  • Recap of converting the buyer lead into a buyer client, and setting the right expectations with the buyer
  • Best practices for conducting showings with the buyer and gaining rapport
  • Keeping your buyer happy in this low inventory market
  • Writing and making offers
  • Dealing with multiple offer bidding war situations with your buyer
  • Tips for winning bidding wars
  • Negotiating a Fee Differential to obtain the commission that you want
  • All the resources needed during each part of this process including but not limited to scripts, blogs, documents, emails, home seller kit and MORE!


'Working by Referral' course graphic

How would you like to build your client base with more referrals? - TOMA

What it is and how it can help you grow your business immensely.

Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA) means being thought of when your sphere needs you most!

This intense step-by-step course teaches agents how to be in more consistent and be better about staying in touch with their sphere in a variety of different ways. This is done by having weekly homework that involves making a certain amount of calls, sending out letters, visiting people, Facebook posts and messages and much more.

You will hear things like, “I was just thinking of you!” or “I got your mailer and I actually just talked to someone the other day that wants to sell their house.”

This is a promotional video for our Working By Referral course as well as an introduction to our online training center.

Ready to receive more more referrals than ever before?

This online course is like no other REAL Training Course because it rewards agents with additional marketing collateral and advertising materials for use with their client base to achieve TOMA.  Agents who take the course and follow it each week will undoubtedly see an increase in their By Referral business right away.

Working by Referral Course Includes:

  • Learning the power of working by referral
  • Learning how to leverage your social media platforms to build business
  • Learn how to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger to your advantage
  • Learning the power of flyers and mailers
  • How to have meaningful conversations with past clients
  • Techniques to stay consistently in touch with your sphere
  • Collateral materials for those who follow along
  • And much more!


'Time Management' real estate course graphic with clock in background

Want to learn how to manage your time better so you can make MORE money?

Ready to earn back 255 hours per year!?

Our Time Management online course details what tasks or activities you need to cut out of your daily routine and which ones will actually make you more money. You will learn how to properly manage your time so that you can do more transactions and grow your business. 

Learn to say goodbye to those activities wasting your time, allowing you to free up more time in your day and week.

Anthony will also cover our templated buyer and seller emails that will save you a TON of time.  You will learn to have a message for every step of a transaction.

This is a promotional video for our Time Management course.

SAVE time and make MORE money!

Thousands of agents both locally and nationally have taken our courses and have exponentially grown their businesses. 

Time Management Course Includes:

  • What activities you are currently partaking in that are WASTING your precious time
  • What activities or task will make you more money
  • General time-saving tips
  • In-depth outline of both buyer and seller templated emails
Stay ahead of the social media curve!

instagram for realtors

Stay ahead of the social media curve and discover all Instagram has to offer! With our help, leveraging this powerful networking tool has never been easier! Want to learn how you can master this increasingly popular platform? Join us in exploring fundamentals, audience growth strategies, Reels tutorials – it's your one-stop guide for maximizing your presence on Instagram. With our help, leveraging this powerful networking tool has never been easier!
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'Facebook for Realtors' course graphic

Ever wondered how to harness the power of Facebook for Real Estate?

This online course will teach you how to utilize all Facebook has to offer for Business purposes to grow your reach within your market and boost sales!

You will receive step by step instruction on the techniques that are best to use when trying to grow your Real Estate FB page. 

Lindsay Favazza instructing course on Facebook for realtors

What, When, Where???

This course starts off with the 3 biggest questions we receive from Realtors: What do I post, when do I post and how do I post?

We give creative ideas on how to keep your content new, entertaining and more importantly valuable for your clients and sphere. 

Facebook For Realtors Course Includes:

  • The Right Way to Setup Your Page for Success
  • What to Post to Drive Engagement
  • How to Post
  • How to Boost a Post to Your Market
  • How to Manage Your Ads in One Place
  • Adding Your Personal Lists as Audiences Ensure They See Your Posts
  • Building Ads with Audiences
  • And more!

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