No More Finger-Pointing, No More Excuses

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Anthony Lamacchia:

No more finger-pointing, no more excuses. Just taking a morning stroll here on Las Vegas Boulevard with my friend AJ, one of the top realtors in our company. Say hello, sir.

AJ: Hello, everyone.

Anthony Lamacchia: And we were just discussing what incredible changes he made in his life over the last 2 and a half years, really.

AJ: Yeah, almost.

Anthony Lamacchia: And you talked about how, I mean, let’s just tell the story.

AJ: Yeah, um, I mean, we basically were just talking about how, you know, he always says same equals same, but, you know, things weren’t going the way I wanted them to in my life, and, uh, you know, everyone tends to carry around two bags: B bag of excuses and bag of blame. Um, everyone wants to blame other people for things aren’t going wrong in their life or going wrong in their life, and, uh, you know, blame situations around them, but you just got to figure out what works for you. You got to change things in your life to make things… And you figured out what the problem was, which we know the people close to you know it wasn’t very hard for us to figure out.

AJ: No, no, you’re blind to it when you’re in it, but, uh, you know, drinking wasn’t working for me, and, you know, I changed that factor of my life, and everything else that I was wondering why it was not getting better in my life started to fall into place after that. So, hey, you know, it’s different things work for different people, but that’s what I needed to change my life.

Anthony Lamacchia: But what you just said, I’ve heard my dad say, my dad’s 33 years sober, and he says just focus on not drinking, and everything else falls in place. And now your business, I mean, you’re kicking ass, even in a slower market, you’re kicking ass. Your friend circle didn’t change, your real friends still your friends.

AJ: NOP, right, well, yes, yes, yeah, but you get into a space where, when you’re not drinking, you just know that things are going to work out. When you’re in that kind of bogged-down place, and you get like, you know, a little depressed after you’re drinking and whatnot, you clear that out. So, everyone’s going to go through those normal downs and doldrums and stuff, but when you’re, when you’re clear-minded, you’re more logical about it, and you realize things are going to fall back into birs makes perfect sense, folks.

Anthony Lamacchia: And, you know, business is just part of what improved in your life, but, you know, that which is an important part, but there’s many other things as well. So, congrats to you, buddy.

AJ: Thank you, sir, proud of you.

Anthony Lamacchia: And, uh, we’re to continue our morning stroll on Las Vegas Boulevard. Make it a great day, folks. If you got a problem, tackle it.

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