Motivate Sellers to List Before March

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Anthony: What are you doing to convince sellers what’s best for them, which is list before March? I know you’ve heard me talk about this before in my updates last week. I did a lengthy update. Now, here I am in Aruba with our president’s club. One of the things that I noticed today, sitting right over there at the beach, we’re all in a circle talking, and almost everybody in president’s club is talking about how they get three properties listed in two weeks, two properties listed in early February, this many properties listing. Then, then, all in the next six weeks.

I’m sitting there listening, and I said, “Guys, listen to yourselves. You’re all doing a good job. Convincing sellers of what’s best for them.” I went around, and I asked. I said, “Guys, I’m always preaching, “Show sellers this and that,” is that what you’re doing?” Literally, they’re all talking about, “Yes. We show them the inventory graphs. We show them how it’s best to list early.” That’s how sellers make the most money. Now, I don’t care what market you’re in. You can be in Canada, California, Florida, Massachusetts, it doesn’t matter.

Go into your MLS and look at the properties that closed last June, July, even May, look when they went under agreement. Most of them that sold dramatically over asking were listed from about the last week in January to the middle of March. Those are the ones that sold dramatically over asking and raised the prices. What you have to do is show that to your sellers, grab that market history, show your sellers. If you’ve got people that are saying, “Yes, I want a list,” okay, great. “Let’s get your home on the market in February. Let’s get it on in late January.”

A knee-jerk reaction of sellers is going to be, “Well, I want to wait till my flowers up. I want to wait till this looks better, that looks better.” Especially sellers in the Northern states, they’re always the ones that are more hesitant. You need to articulate to them, and you need to make it clear to them and show them, tangibly show them through market history on listings, inventory reports, et cetera, how they will sell for more money if they list sooner. When you show them that, and you also preach that on Facebook, through your email marketing, and you’re constantly projecting how listing earlier gains sellers more money, it’ll have an effect on them.

The other thing is, if all of us, realtors, band together and do that, the year will start sooner. One of the biggest problems in 2021 is things didn’t really kick in until end of April, and it started the year late. Now, it’s still a record-breaking amount of home sales across our country, approaching 7 million home sales. The final numbers aren’t in yet. I talked to you all about how Massachusetts got over a hundred thousand for the first time in 16 years. It would’ve been even more, if more sellers listed sooner, because the buyers are waiting. The buyers are chopping at the bit to find homes. Remember we have this many buyers, this many sellers. That’s winter, especially in the Northern states.

Make sure that you are teaching and preaching. If all of us, realtors, are doing that, sellers will get that. They’ll benefit, because they’ll sell for more. Buyers will benefit, because they’ll have more choices, and they’ll have more choices sooner. Sellers will make more money, and they’ll love you for it. It’ll kick the whole year off sooner. Think about that. Make sure that you’re preaching that. If you’re having trouble doing it, then you’ve got to look over some of the things we have on Crush It, look over some of the videos.

There’s additional videos. We have different blogs. I’ll make sure we post some in the comments so that you can improve on your skills. Now, some sellers, they’re not going to listen. They’re going to wait, because they have a legitimate reason. Well, if they have a legitimate reason, their kids graduating from high school, whatever– fine. The ones that it doesn’t matter, you’ve got to get them to list sooner, because it’s better for them. That’s all from sunny Aruba. I’ll be back with more in the days to come. Thank you.