More Money, More Problems!

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Anthony: Problems, problems, problems, do you hate them? Do you run from them? Do you dread them? Do you complain about them? Think about that. My friends, if you want to have success, if you want to make big strides in life, the more you reach, the more you push, the more you do, the more you accomplish, the more problems you will have.

That’s par for the course. For those of you who saw me start to talk about this- well, talk about this yesterday, and then saw me erase it, is because the folks at the Wynn Resorts said, “Not allowed to film in the casino.” I said, “You know what, that was a dumb move on my part.” I agreed, I said, “Sorry,” and took it down.

Anyways, I’m outside now here in the street, taking a break from the conference. I wanted to talk about this more because it is something that is so critical, something that’s so important, something that’s so common. I think that a lot of people look at it the wrong way. Problems are something that are plentiful in life, struggles, occasionally feeling overwhelmed. Well, welcome to life, welcome to business. If you do big things, more things will happen.

Remember the saying “More money, more problems,” right? That’s a figure of speech or a joke or whatever but there’s truth to that. The more you do, the more things that will come up, and if you whine about them, and put your head down, you will not succeed. You have to embrace them, learn from them, pivot, make changes, and make things happen.

Really, that’s what happens when you’re the CEO of a company or the leader of a group, you are essentially a problem solver. That’s what you are, you identify things that need to improve, you adjust, you rally the group, if you’re smart, you explain, you explain the why, you explain what you’re doing and you make the adjustment. You don’t go around whining about it. Because that’s the way it goes, the more business grows, the more will come up. That’s normal.

I embrace them, I accept them. I view them as something that is part of my day-to-day. As they come up, I do what I can to prevent them in the future. Think about that in your day to day, because if you want to do big things, and you start doing bigger things, there will be problems along the way.

Our company, I was talking to people who’ve been very kind at this conference, “Anthony. Oh my god, you guys are killing it. You’re the fastest-growing company in the whole network. You’re this, you’re that.” I said, “Very gracious. Thank you. Thank you.” When I talk to some of these people, “How do you do it?” They said, “Don’t think it comes without bumps along the way. Don’t believe everything you see on Fakebook.”

Fakebook, Facebook, shows the victories. People don’t go on there and post when they have problems. One of our top agents in the winter said, “I don’t go post when I get three offers denied on a Monday for properties that I showed to buyers over the weekend.” They don’t do that.

Think about that. Change the way you look at problems, embrace them, my friends. That’s all, got to get back into the conference. They got a big luncheon and award ceremony. Hope you’re all having a great day. Happy home selling my friends.