Miranda Real Estate - Ultimate RE Success Blueprint Event Recap

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Anthony: Don’t do stupid shit.

I just went over this two weeks ago in Florida and went over it on Instagram from the stage, like I am here today. I talked about how many realtors get bogged down because they start focusing on things that don’t matter. They get distracted in their businesses, and they’re not focusing on what makes them money. What makes you money? Calling leads, calling sphere, calling past clients. The telephone makes you money, number one.

Number two, what makes you money? Doing appointments, getting in front of more people. Number three, negotiating offers. The more of those three things that you do, the more business you will do. I just talked about this here today at the Real Estate Success Summit here in Albany, New York. How did y’all like it?

[crowd cheers]

These two gentlemen right here, Mr. Willie Miranda and Brian Miranda put on the event. A terrific event, phenomenal speakers. One of the agents here, one of the top agents in the market in Albany, she said the most basic thing, I loved it. She said, “Pick up your phone.”

It always amazes me when agents- They go, “I don’t answer unless I know it is,” but it’s going to happen.

You think someone’s going to jump out of the phone and into your ear If you don’t know who it is? Pick up your phone. That’s key. That’s important. Another person talked about how I was saying people don’t believe what they hear, they believe what they see, they believe what they experience. It’s your job to use the data, to use the information, to educate the clients. That’s critically important. Willie, what else should we recap?

Willie: I just think focusing on time management’s so important, but also the importance of a database, and making sure you’re working on your database. Because I always say it, if you don’t have a database, you don’t have a business.

Anthony: 100% true. You need a list of people to market to. When I’ll tell you all story about my database while I live here on Facebook, right?

When I started in the business in 2004, I was still working with my dad in his landscape construction company half the day and then at night I was doing half and half. I used to literally almost fall asleep on my keyboard because I was amazed at how you could go into MLS, and pull public records. I would enter people into my database, and I would mail them postcards when I started in the business.

I’ll never forget at my wedding, my cousin stands up to do the best man’s speech- Yes, Joe, if you’re watching, I didn’t forget Buddy. He says, “Before I start my speech, I have a question. How many people here know Anthony’s in real estate”? Everybody, of course, “Oh, oh, oh, yes, I know.” He pulls a postcard out of his tuxedo and goes. “How many of you are sick, and tired of getting these postcards every day, and week, in the mail?” The whole crowd goes nuts.

I’ll never forget, I was walking across the dance floor 10 minutes later, and my dad goes, “Good job. Keep sending them.”

Think about it. If I didn’t have a database, I would have had nothing to mail to. I put every single human being that I knew in my database, and I mailed them every single month. They felt like it was every week. That’s exactly what Willie is talking about. Any other takeaways you should explain?

Willie: You still do that.

Anthony: Oh, It never ends. There was about a year, and a half that I stopped mailing people all the time, and I went right back to it. I regretted it. Now, that was back in 2012, or 2013. That was a mistake. Folks, you have to be on offense, you have to be in action, right? Stepping forward every single day, and making sure that you are doing things, that you are going after it, that you’re booking appointments, et cetera. That’s key. The more action you take, the more business you will have. Sound good everyone?

Crowd: Yes.

Anthony: Who enjoyed the event today?

[crowd cheers]