Maskless in Real Estate

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Today is the day my friends, we can get rid of the masks for the most part. For those of us that have been vaccinated, the CDC in our state here in Massachusetts is saying it’s okay to go out maskless. How exciting is that? I remember seeing all of you right here on this Crush It In Real Estate page, two, three, four times a week when this pandemic started, and it’s so exciting to be at the end of the road with it.

However, I want to caution you on something important from both sides. If you have a home seller who would like people to still come into their home with masks, you should not argue with them. It is our job as realtors to treat people’s homes right and make sellers feel comfortable. Remember, there are not enough sellers listing their homes. It’s getting a little bit better, but it’s still not enough. The last thing us realtors should do is try to push our opinions on them, try to act like we’re medical professionals, or try to politically, pontificate. We’re not doing that. If a seller wants people to wear masks in their home, we should do it. That’s one recommendation.

Here’s the other. If you are going to show a home; if you’re taking your buyer and you’re going to see a home and there’s a posting in the MLS or in the showing instructions that says wear a mask, you need to wear a mask, and you need to make sure that your buyers do. Do not be protesting or being tough about it. That stupid; it’s going to hurt our industry. Remember when we got into this situation 14, 15 months ago, I stood in the next room in our training center, and I said, us realtors need to work together. That’s the only way we’ll get through this thing, and for the most part, that happened. Realtors moved extremely fast, adjusted their business practices, we all work together and made it happen.

Well, now it’s important that us realtors work together on the way out of this thing. Let’s not argue. Let’s not give a hard time to a listing agent who requires a mask. Let’s not cause trouble, okay? Let’s work together. Exciting day for the most part we can get rid of the mask. I was happy to throw mine in the floor, but there still will be sellers that will require them, and that’s okay. I just wanted to talk to you all about it. Good luck and happy home selling my friends.