March is HERE!

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Anthony: March is here my friends. March is here. This is good news. Things are going to start looking up for inventory. I’m in a good mood today. All excited, not only because March is here, but because we have a special training that I am putting on– Invite those who attended are Crush It In Real Estate Event in January. We’re going to be televising it in the 2021 Crush It In Real Estate Kick-Off Event group.

For those of you that attended in January, you’re going to be able to see a training that we’re going to be doing at our company today on what we’re calling, how to win in this crazy market, because this is crazy. This is the craziest situation I’ve ever seen. I just checked 2,600 single families for sale right now compared to 8,000 a year ago. This is just nuts, but it is what it is and we have to deal with them.

We have to make sure that our skills are at the highest level, we have to make sure that our readiness to talk to a seller who’s scared to list is at the highest level, we have to make sure that we’re prepared to warn buyers that they’re going to need to be flexible, that winning the bidding war– Yes, the highest price obviously plays a massive part, probably the biggest part, but a close second now is providing sellers with flexibility and showing them that the buyer’s willing to wait a few months.

We recently had a deal closed up in Westford, Massachusetts, that was a friend of mine that I used to box with 20 years ago. We sold their place here in Watertown and they, unfortunately, had to move somewhere for a little bit, and then they got the house. Usually, we can time it correctly, but the point I’m getting at is, you’ve got to have those conversations with people upfront and that’s part of what I’m going to talk about in the training today.

I’m also going to talk about different ways to find inventory for buyers because there are ways to do that. You don’t need to just be like every other realtor and simply just sit back and let properties get emailed to your buyer and wait for your buyer to raise their hand to you. You should be finding properties for them. For those of you that will be in on the training, I’m fired up to see you. It will not be here, to be clear, it will be in the 2021 Crush It In Real Estate Kick-Off, in that private group that has about 2000 realtors.

I know that a ton of our training customers across America and Canada, I think I saw one of our Canadian friends already tuned in here, Chelsea. Good morning, Chelsea, you’re always doing video. Great job. I hope you’re coming today. I think I saw your dad, Greg, signed up. Look forward to seeing you guys, it will be an awesome training, and we’re going to talk through all of these things.

We’re going to look at reports, we’re going to talk about how to overcome objections from buyers, from sellers. We’re also going to talk about– because remember this is a Lamacchia Realty training that I’m inviting outsiders into. It’s not like Crush It In Real Estate Event, but I’m also going to be talking about our link system and talking about how it works and making sure our agents are totally clear on it because I know we have some newer people that are a little bit foggy on it. For the outsiders that watch, you’ll get a chance to see what the link system is all about, not for us to show it off but there’s a lot of talk about it.

There’s people that are doubting, can they really do that? Yes, we can, we can. We can have a database with thousands of viral leads, we can have a database with thousands of seller leads, and we can match them up and try to help people achieve their homeownership dreams. That’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s also nothing wrong with me talking about it on television or on Facebook or any of those types of places. That’s actually okay. The realtor is outside of our company that are whining about it should maybe think about creating a system of their own if they’re that enamored by it.

That’s about all. I’m on the treadmill here, I have to do a little bit of light cardio and abs today and then I’ll be ready for the training at 12:30. What do you guys think of my hat? Who wants a hat? Comment below if you want one. I’m trying to get an idea of how much of an audience is going to want these hats. We’re going to give a bunch out for free for a while but then at some point, we’ll probably set up an e-commerce page so that people can buy them. We had a lot of people buy the mugs, the t-shirts, and things like that.

Sarah, you like that response? Come on, what do they say? They hate us because they ain’t us. It’s just laughable. We’ll keep innovating, we’ll keep doing different things, but that’s it. I don’t normally get into my own company on here, but I’m just trying to give a little bit of background.

All right, it’s workout time.