LIVE from our 2022 Crush It In Real Estate Kickoff Event!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Yes, I’m going live right now, folks. I am live from our Crush It In Real Estate Event.

This is our 2021– ’21? Gee, but do you think I care that I made a mistake? No, it’s our 2022 annual Crush It In Real Estate Kickoff Event. Who had a great time today?

We talked about a whole bunch of things. We had a great line-up of speakers. Each and every one of them added so much to everyone in this room. We had over 500– I don’t know the exact count, but I know we got over 500 realtors here in the room. Several hundred of which were non– I won’t mention the company name, realtors. Realtors from other companies, those realtors that attended plus the 300 that are watching live right now virtually.

These are folks that are determined to significantly improve their business. They don’t let barriers get in their way. We talked about that, not allowing fears to get in the way, just implementing and going after things. Several of our realtors talked about so many great things. Jim Black was up here talking about how he team built, how he was building his team and how he made mistakes along the way, just like I did, just like so many of us did.

Lee Joseph was talking about building trust and professionalism and getting all different kinds of realtor designations. Rachel from RE/MAX in Florida was talking about how, when she meets with someone who knows more than she does and they tell her what to do, she doesn’t ask questions, she just implements. Anthony Castellano, where’s Anthony? Over there. You guys are all sitting together, huh? If they’re going to dinner later, I expect an invite. Anthony Castellano was talking about all he does on Facebook and all he does on social media and how social media is so effective. Kevin Cormier, first full year in the real estate business, 55 homes sold.

55 homes sold.

He went over a whole bunch of things that he does and actively and continuously does to keep his fear close to him. With Kevin, it’s genuine. With all of these folks, it’s genuine and it’s impressive. So, for the last time, who is coming back next year for our next Kickoff?

Thank you, everyone.