Little Things Add Up To Big Things

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Anthony Lamacchia: Little things add up to big things. That’s something that coach Giusti in high school used to tell us. When we used to lift weights with him in the gym, getting ready for football season, he used to say little things add up to big things. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush It in Real Estate. I want to talk to you all about the need, the importance of doing little things, especially this week. This morning I got up early as always, and I spent the first hour of my day writing handwritten notes to many of our employees, vendors, few of our agents, just expressing my appreciation and putting in small gift cards.

Things that, just a little something for people that maybe did something special in the last few months or for our employees that work so hard. This afternoon, and tomorrow afternoon, I’m going to do a loop at all our offices and I’m going to drop things off for a few people at each place. I got to be careful what I say. I can’t make it sound like I did it for everybody. Then if whoever doesn’t get, something’s going to say I didn’t get nothing. I get to cushion that a little bit.

The reason I wanted to talk to you all about this is in the real estate business I think we have a tendency to forget about the importance of our staff and only put a lot of focus on our agents. I think that’s something that perhaps we’ve all been guilty of all broker owners, but I think that many broker owners are more guilty of it than others. See I think our staff is as important to our company as our realtors. Without our staff. We don’t have a company, without our realtors we don’t have a company.

I’m calling on all broker owners, all team leaders, everyone to do something for those around you, that do things for you every day. Right now I’m putting a little more focus on employees and staff. I’m mentioning that on purpose because that vast majority of the handwritten notes that I did this morning. When people ask me and I’ve done videos, if you go on Crush It and you search employees or hiring or things like that, you’ll see tons of videos about the importance of hiring. We just put out an initiative the other day, we’re going to hire 17 people by March 1st.

I put a lot of weight into the importance of hiring staff because I know that if you want to execute things correctly you have to have staff people to do that. That’s how you keep them in line. That’s how you deliver consistency. That’s how you have the right amount of service for your realtors. This is the time of year– First of all, you should show appreciation 12 months a year, 52 weeks a year, but this is the time of year that little things can go a long way. Little things can go a long way. I got gift cards from Target and Market Basket, nothing fancy, right?

Nothing fancy, nothing crazy. I’m handwriting. I got news for you. I’ve been doing this for years. For those of you that are listening saying, oh, listen to him. He just wants to tell about what he’s doing for his people. I got news for you. I’ve been doing it for over a decade and this is the first time I’m talking to you about it. This is the first time that I’m talking about this specific thing that I do. I do lots of little things, but this specific one. I see many of our realtors already chiming in about how wonderful our staff is, but it’s important.

I have several visits to do this afternoon, tomorrow afternoon. One of my assistants said to me, “Do you want me to deliver some to the offices?” Her and I were voice texting at 5:45 this morning. I said, “No, I’ll go out and deliver.” I like being Santa Claus. I like to– it gives me an excuse to get out to all the branches. That’s what I plan to do today, tomorrow and probably need to do a few visits on Christmas Eve morning. I’m calling on all leaders, do some little things for your people in the next few days. If you don’t get around, do it next week.

It’s fine. The value of a good old-fashioned handwritten note goes a long way. Thank you all happy holidays to you all. Merry Christmas to you all. Happy new year to you all. I’m sure I’ll see you again next week. Thank you.