The Year is Starting to Pick Up!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Now is the time to turn it on and turn it up, folks. Finally, the year is kicking in where past school vacation week, it’s coming to a close, Easter was last week. I believe Greek Easter is tomorrow. It’s time to turn it on and turn it up. Things are picking up. Listings are coming on. Things are happening. Many more listings are going to come on in the next week. Yes, the year started slow, but don’t stay in this mental funk.

“Well, it’s different. Not as many people listed and not as much going on.” Look, I get it. It’s been a little different this year. It’s been wonky. It’s been a late start, but that isn’t a reason to ride out that excuse for months and months and months on end. Now, it is time for action. It is time for– And really, it’s been time for action all along, but now, you really got to kick it into gear because properties are coming on. Buyers are finally starting to get in here, sell buy clients, sell buy prospects are finally starting to make moves. Stick their neck out here and get their home listed.

You have to be in action. You need to be ready. You need to be on offense. I always talk about being on offense. Christine here, my friend from Albany says, “Don’t be in a funk.” It’s true. Don’t be in a funk. Yes, it’s been a little odd, but you can’t write out excuses. Homes listed here to date has been down about 10%. Last week, it rose a little more, was down 13%, and that’s obviously because of school vacation and Easter and all that, but it’s going back up, things are coming on.

You need to be dialing, getting your buyers in action, getting your buyers out, seeing properties, following up with your buyers that you haven’t talked to in a few weeks, sending them properties. “Hey, do you like this? Hey, do you like that? Check this out. This just came on.” A home seller that wasn’t ready three weeks ago and said you want it another two months. Wanted a check back, there’s more coming on. “Do you see some stuff you like? We need to get you an action,” blah, blah, blah.

Things come up. Things happen in business. Things happen in life. Setbacks occur. When they do, you have to go against the grain and grind them out. Dig down harder, fight harder, work harder. I did an interview recently where they talked to me about, “Oh, everyone says you built all this tech,” blah, blah, blah. I’m like, “Yes, great.” We did that to work smarter, but we also work harder. It’s one thing I do every day. Outwork everybody, outwork everybody and I make sure of it seven days a week. You got to do the same thing.

You want to be better, you got to create more hours in the day, you got to step up, you got to get moving. Think about those things. There’s my friend, Kevin, it’s not a bad thing that listing agents are going to have to work for it now. That’s correct. A little bit different. We’re not quite there yet or everybody has to, but it’s come with a bit of a change in the air. By fall, I think it will be more obvious, but that’s okay. Those that are grinding, those that are buckling down, those that are in touch with their clients, they’ll do better.

Slower markets, the best realtors rise to the top. That’s it, my friends. From Tampa Bay Airport flying out of here first thing tomorrow morning, check it out. Damn flight out of Orlando. JetBlue got canceled. Supposed to be this morning, got canceled. Now we’re down here. All right, my friends, talk to you soon.