Leadership is Important

Leadership is Important

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Anthony: Are you being a leader? That’s what I said. Are you being a leader? Broker owners and team leaders, I am calling you out. Now we are entering a time where leadership is critically important. I will tell you, there are some great opportunities to rise to the occasion and be the leader that your agents need. Be the leader that your agents need. They need direction. They need help. They need things they can bring with them on buyer appointments, on listing appointments, things that they can send to clients to get them to see.

I just sat here and filmed a video with our vice president of sales, Dave Karoli, who also speaks at our Crush It events. We just went through a mock portion of a listing appointment. A new portion of a listing appointment. The reason I say a new portion is, you didn’t have to do it for the last two years, which is actually showing people the differences in what buyers can afford, showing them these documents. Going over on market snapshots to show how in places like Waltham, Massachusetts, there were two single families for sale on February 8th, and now there’s 21.

What about articles? Fortune Magazine. About a week and a half ago, the cooling housing market enters into a great deceleration. These are the kinds of things– there’s a lot more here, that your agents need. It’s your job as a leader to pull these kinds of things together and arm your realtors, your soldiers, to make them ready for when they go out and do business.

Yes, they operate independently. Yes, they’re their own bosses, but if you own the company or you’re a team leader, you should be assisting them to make their life easier. Now that we’re entering into a transitional phase in the market, that isn’t some blip on the radar. Believe me. It’s not. This is the time to rise to the occasion. I’m calling on all of you to do that. Good luck. Happy home selling.