Keep The Product On The Shelf!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Don’t take your listings off the market. Explain to your sellers why it is a benefit to them to keep their home on the market. One of the scripts that I’ve taught many times for many, many years is explaining to sellers that, look, your home won’t sell if it’s not on the shelf. No products to sell unless they’re on the shelf. You take a product off the shelf for the holidays, it will never sell in the store. This year, it’s more important than ever because there’s still a massive amount of buyers out there looking for homes. Yes, less than there were 30 to 60 days ago, but there’s still a lot of them out there, so keep the product on the shelf.

Over the next three, four weeks, you’re going to see a lot of people come off. When they come off, that’s when it’s better to be on. The old Warren Buffett theory, when everyone else is being greedy, be scared. When everyone else is scared, be greedy. Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Don’t be a sheep. Be a lion. Be a leader. If you can and if it’s in the best interest of the seller, if you’ve got a seller that doesn’t want people in their home around the holidays, it doesn’t make sense. That’s different, but if you have a seller that wants to sell, your advice to them should be stay on the market, keep the product on the shelf. That’s all, my friends. Have a good night.