Just show up!

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Anthony Lamacchia: Half of being successful is just showing up, folks; that’s part of the game. Okay, we’re in the people business in real estate. When you’re in the people business, you need to meet people, see people, get involved, and do things. Yesterday, I was in Washington DC at the midyear legislative meetings for the National Association of Realtors. I had a meeting of my own that I was chairing. Then, in the afternoon, I was on stage at the MLS Forum. Last night, I flew here to Austin, Texas. I’m on stage today at the Ylopo Summit, uh, and going to be talking about a whole bunch of things that leaders need to be thinking about here, moving into this new environment.

Folks, one of the problems, one of the hesitations that I see many people have with traveling, is will that work? Will it be good? Will it be good for me? Will it be good for me? All those kinds of things. You know, there’s no guarantees in life. There is never, ever a guarantee in life, okay? And even when there are guarantees, there aren’t actually guarantees, right? There’s always a chance you got to take chances. I’ve been getting on planes for nearly 20 years, okay? Once a month, every other month. Right now, nowadays, I try to keep it to once. I’ve been getting on planes with no guarantees for nearly two decades. How’s it worked out? Very well, right? ‘Cause most of the time, it’s effective. Most of the time, you make great contacts. Most of the time, you see people, and you further add to relationships. And I enjoy that, okay?

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