Joselin Malkhasian – Speaker at Crush It Kick-Off Event

We are honored to announce that Joselin Malkhasian of Lamacchia Realty will be speaking at the 2020 Crush It In Real Estate Kick Off event! Joselin will be sharing some of her secrets to success in the industry and how she worked up to the level she is at today.


Joselin received her real estate license in 2012 and began selling full time in 2013. In just 7 years she has escalated her business, selling over 50 properties in the last year alone!

Joselin was initially hesitant to get into any sort of sales-based industry. It was her husband who eventually gave her the encouragement needed to take a meeting with Anthony Lamacchia so she could get a sense of the industry. Anthony explained that real estate was a completely different type of sales than what she had originally imagined. Joselin decided to take the leap and she never looked back.

One of Joselin’s keys to success in real estate is honesty. She explains that honesty will always get you much farther, both in business and in life. It sets the right expectation in the beginning so there will not be any surprises in the end. Joselin’s life rule as a Realtor is based upon that secret to success. She always puts her clients first, does what’s in their best interest, and is honest about it.

Joselin hit her first big jump in sales by taking extremely good care of her clients. She treated each client as if they were her only client and continues to live by this philosophy. When she started out in the business, she had no experience or clients. She started building her business by receiving leads from Lamacchia Realty and converting those leads into clients. By treating each of those clients as if they were her only clients, they began to not only refer her to their friends and family, but also use Joselin again when the time came to sell their home and buy a new home. This created a snowball effect, which has allowed Joselin to grow her business.

With a higher sales volume, in order to successfully maintain quality service to her clients, Joselin says she simply follows the Lamacchia system. She explains that a benefit to her starting in real estate with no experience is that she also had no bad habits. Due to the extensive training she received at Lamacchia, she was fully able and prepared to handle the higher volumes when the time came.

In all the craziness of showings and closings, Joselin still does her best to balance her personal and professional life. She enforces a strict no phone time during dinner and organizes her weekends, so she spends quality time with her family. She laughed and clarified that Spring does not count; it is a challenge to find any kind of work life balance during busy season! However, the time she must give up during the spring is time she always makes up for during the quieter times around the holidays.

Being a Realtor has its challenges, and Joselin admits she isn’t immune to them. For her, the biggest challenge is working on everyone else’s schedule. She says it’s a myth that agents get to make their own schedule. Yes, she tries to maintain control of her schedule, but real estate is seven days a week, 365 days a year. If a client has to make an offer by a certain time and she has to go to a wedding, she will find the time to make sure her clients are represented.  “Clients first” is her motto, after all.

Joselin’s favorite thing about being a Realtor is the people she gets to spend her time with. She is always amazed at how they often lift her spirits and can turn what may have started as a bad day into a great one. Joselin was honored to have served as the Chairperson for Greater Boston Association of Realtors (GBAR) Young Professional Committee in 2019 and is excited to kick off 2020 on the Board of Directors for GBAR.

The 2020 Crush It In Real Estate Kick Off Event is on January 16th from 1PM – 5PM. It will feature both highly experienced agents as well as impressive rookies from all across MA that excel in the field. This will be an event that you will not want to miss if you want to crush it in 2020!

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