It’s Time To Get Back To Business

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Anthony: Are you back in pre-COVID times? Are you back in pre-COVID mode? It’s time, my friends, it is time to get yourself back in action. Here’s why. It was easy to stay home and do everything from Zoom when everyone else was doing that. There was no chance, no risk of everybody else pulling ahead of you. Now, we’re in a society where some people are back on offense. Some people are back on the go, but there’s a percentage of people that still aren’t. Now, if there’s a health reason or a legitimate concern, of course that’s understandable.

My friends, you got to put some thought into the competitive nature of business, the competitive nature of business. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush It In Real Estate. I want to talk to you about things that you should be thinking about. Now that we are pretty much past the masks, now that we are pretty much– We’re obviously through the worst of COVID, I don’t want to say at the end, but we’re close. You can go out without a mask. You can do things without a mask. People are having face-to-face meetings, gatherings are happening again. We’re going to be putting on training events again, all kinds of things coming up.

If you decide to stay home and you decide to continue to do things remotely while all the people around you are on offense and they’re moving forward, it’s going to hurt your business. Now, remember, I was the person months back, or I shouldn’t say months, a year and two or three months ago that was saying, “Hey, let’s listen to the government orders. We all need this thing to stop for the good of every one of us.”

I’m not like some person who always said, “The hell with COVID, go out and be on offense.” You newcomers need to hear that. For the rest of you that have been watching for a long time and watching my videos, I want you to have an understanding that this is one of those times in business that you’re going to be left behind if you’re not back into pre-COVID mode, doing things that are on offense, getting out there to events, getting out there to meet people, getting to be [unintelligible 00:02:05] events, getting to chamber of commerce events, getting to realtor training events, getting to realtor association events, getting out and seeing buyers and sellers, putting on client parties, doing things.

You’ve got to get yourself back to that. If you don’t, I’m telling you, it’s going to catch up with you and it’s going to give your business problems because now others are doing it. In our business, we do a lot of relocation. We do a lot of relocation business, both corporate, broker to broker, all different kinds. A month ago, we went to a great conference leading real estate companies the world out in Vegas. I was shocked by the lack of people there.

Now, it was a great event. Don’t get me wrong. I think they had 600, 700 people. I was impressed. I did say to myself, “All these people that didn’t come made a business mistake.” It was still an awesome conference. I got a ton out of it. The people I was with got a ton out of it. The point I’m getting at is, all those that didn’t go, they missed out on shaking hands with other business associates. They missed out on shaking hands with other people around the country. I didn’t. Our people didn’t, and you shouldn’t either. Get back in pre-COVID mode, get back on offense, get back out there. This is a contact sport real estate. This is a in-person contact sport. The more people you’re in contact with, the more business you are going to do. If you develop some habits over the last year because of COVID that you needed to to adapt, good for you, but it’s time to shake them off and get moving. Talk to you soon, my friends. Happy home selling.