It's March 1st - Time to take action

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Realtors, it is March 1st. Something clicks in consumers’ brains on March 1st, despite the snow for those of us up here in New England, something clicks in their brains and people are more willing to take action. We just talked about that in our training here today, but we also talked about what stops people. What stops sell-buy clients? We spent a lot of time on sell-buys. Most sell-buys, keep in mind, realtor friends, they don’t want to list until they see what they want, but then when they see what they want, they’re scurrying around and they have a hard time listing their home in time and they often don’t get their offer accepted. It’s a big mess. This goes on every year, or they wait till summer before they actually do it. Then, their home doesn’t sell for as much as it would if they listed now when inventory’s lower. That’s why we just went over that whole thing, didn’t we?

Realtors: Yes.

Anthony: You guys enjoy training?

Realtors: Yes.

Anthony: Think about the client’s fears, think about what they are concerned about, and you have to figure out how to overcome that because remember, when most sell-buys tell you they are not ready yet, they’re just saying that to push you away. Over the last 60 days, 90 days when they say that, there might be some truth to it because we’re in the dead of winter, but oftentimes, they’re not. Now as we get closer to summer, especially those with school-aged children that they want to let them finish the school year where they are, those folks, they’re more willing to do it, but they’re hesitating because they’re not seeing what they want. You have to talk to them about the benefits of taking the steps now, how a plan is necessary when you’re a sell-buy, how getting all your ducks in a row and getting ready are necessary. If every realtor in the market knew how to do that, we would have double the inventory. If you’re listening saying, “I know all that, I know all that,” you don’t, okay, most don’t.

Everybody needs to sharpen up on it. I’m the head trainer here. I did it today and it helped me sharpen up on it. Get out there, call more sellers, call more sell-buys, get in touch with them so that you can get more people to list because when more sellers list, what happens? More sellers list every single time. The more properties they see out there, the more that others list their homes as well. That’s why we always end up in this odd situation in the winter. That’s all. Good luck. Happy home selling.