Is Skepticism Crushing You?

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Anthony Lamacchia: You are likely too fast to believe bad things and too slow to believe good things. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush It In Real Estate. I’ve been wanting to talk to all of you about this for some time. The reason I’ve been wanting to talk to you about this is I am convinced that this holds people’s businesses back. I talk to many, many people every day of my life. Realtors in the company, out of the company, business owners, vendors, staff members, you name it, I talk to them. I observe and I listen.

Yes, I’m a talker, but I do a lot of listening to how people view things and what people think about things. I am convinced that skepticism costs people tons of money, and holds people back in their lives. Now, if some of you may remember, about a year and a half ago, after our Crush It In Real Estate event, I did a video on skepticism. Part of the reason that I did that video is I talked about how there were people that were scared to go to our Crush It In Real Estate event because they thought we were going to like headlock them at the event. You signed up with our company. We said, “No, no, this is a Crush It In Real Estate event. It’s not a brokerage or a company event.” Notice I’m not even saying the name.

I said, “This is a Crush It In Real Estate event.” There were people that were skeptical and didn’t come, then after, I heard, it was a really good event. They’re going to say, I wish I went. I remember saying to myself, “Skepticism just crushes people.” Since that time, it’s something that I observe and that I pay attention to. One of the comments that I get from people often is, “Hey, I see you do a lot of TV advertising, does it work?” Then as of late in the last year or two, “I noticed you have a lot of billboards. Do they work?” I’m just fascinated by this.

I want to tell you all, all advertising works. Postcards, billboards, television, radio, mailers, letter mailing, postcards. Whatever it may be, they all work. Of course, they work. There wouldn’t be a business. Television industry, television advertising is a whole industry unto itself. A multi-billion dollar annual industry. Billboards is, postcards is, various forms of direct mail is. Advertising on cars that are driving down the street. Of course, they all work. The question is, what message are you using to attract customers and make them look your way? It’s the skepticism that stops people from doing it and trying it. That’s one thing.

The other thing I think is way too many people are just too scared of failure. Many of you all act like failure is like the worst thing ever. Stop being so fast to not believe that something will work or that someone is good at something or that some organization or some model or some company is good, and stop being so quick to believe bad things.

Do you ever notice how you talk to your friends, you throw a shot at someone or someone throws a shot at someone, they immediately believe it. You hear a story or you tell a story, you’re in a group of people, people immediately believe it. You say something good and people are, “I don’t know if I buy that.” Think about that. It’s almost like we have things in reverse. I think it’s a mindset shift. It’s the way that people view things. I’ve told this story before to some of you who have watched this forum for some time, but I distinctly remember being at an industry conference about three years ago, and I was in a circle of realtor friends and broker-owners.

We were talking about someone who was building quite a team. One of the people was like, “I heard their husband is a builder, and that’s why she brings in all that business.” I heard this and I heard that, and I’ll never forget it that I said, “Well, she’s just good. Well, she’s just good.” What the hell is wrong with just looking at someone or something or some model and saying, “All right, they’re good. I think there’s something there.” Think about that.

When you have that restrictive mindset that doesn’t believe things, that doesn’t believe in positive things, optimistic things, things that are working, you’re actually hurting yourself because that means you have that mindset you use in your own life. I don’t know if that’ll work. I’m not sure of that. I’m not going to do that. That can’t be as good as it sounds. It can’t be. Blah, blah, blah. I could sit here and go on all day. Think about that. You’re likely too fast to believe bad things and too slow to believe good things. Use that in your mindset.

When you’re analyzing your business, you’re getting prepared for 2022.

Speaking of Crush It In Real Estate events, our event is going to be on February 10th, 2022. It is going to be both in-person and virtually. Virtually, tickets will be sold. If you would like to attend in person, we are having more realtor guests from outside the company than we have even inside our company. I’ll be talking about that more in the weeks to come.

That’s all, my friends. I want you to think about that. I’ll see you soon. Happy home selling and good luck.