Interrupt the Pattern

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Anthony Lamacchia: Interrupting the pattern folks, that is something that is very necessary to do when you are running a business. Just two weeks ago, I realized we had a department in our company that was just wasn’t running right. Things weren’t going right; they didn’t have enough tools, they didn’t have enough options to present to people. So we said, time to relook at things, time to create some new things, time to get creative. This started two weeks ago, and you know what I did last week? Interrupted their pattern, broke it apart. I said that’s it, everybody come to headquarters. We’re not going to do this a meeting this week, a meeting next week, a meeting the week after. Would have taken us 6 weeks to improve that area of the company. Instead, we went 3 Days War Room style in a room every day, everybody throwing their ideas out, me asking 52 questions, getting to the bottom of where our problems were, and implementing. By Friday, we were implementing. The other day, we were implementing. This week, we’re implementing more, and guess what, by next week, they’re off rolling again. I’ve set a new course for that department. That is how you change your business, that is how you improve your business. Being consistent, yes, being regimented, yes, once the course is set. That’s what we’re good at. Our COO, Jackie, she is the absolute best at making sure things stay on track once we have the course set. But I realized we needed to break it apart and set a new course, and that’s what we did folks. Remember that, don’t be scared to interrupt the pattern, interrupt your pattern because that folks is how you make happen. Happy home selling.

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