In a Declining Market You Need to Increase Your Activities

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Anthony Lamacchia: Are you working just as hard as you were over the last few years but you’re not getting nearly as many sales? Welcome to the club. That’s what happens in a declining market. I want to point something out. For those of you that were in business five years plus, you also in the last four, five, six, seven years from 2017 and ’20, brief interruption with COVID, and then 2021 and early 2022, did the same amount of work and did more sales because you were in an increasing market. This is normal. This happens as the market fluctuates up and down.

Now we’re on a little bit of a downward ride with respect to sales, not prices, so it’s a natural type of thing to happen. The only way for you to make up for those sales that you’re missing is you have to do more. Whatever amount of activities, whatever amount of hours in a week, in a day, in a month, in a year that you are working, you have to do more.

One way to look at it is this. East Coast sales are down about 30%. West Coast sales are down of the country. Sales are down about 40%. Increase your activities 30% to 40%. I’m willing to bet you’ll make up for the loss in sales coming to you, and you will do as many sales, and be able to tread water. You don’t like that? That’s frustrating, that’s a downer. Tough shit. That’s business. We’re all dealing with it. We are all dealing with it.

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