Imitate Before You Innovate!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Stop innovating. Yes, that’s what I said. Stop innovating. Too many of you are obsessively trying to create something new, find a shortcut, find some magic pills. Guys, there is no magic. Imitate before you innovate. We have that in the back of our training center and we tell our new realtors that come into the company all the time. Too many agents, they get fixated on trying to find some other way, some smarter way to do things when all you really need to do is copy the winners.

My friends, I got in the business in ’04. I did nothing but copy the winners from ’04 till probably 2015. In ’15, we started being a bit more innovative in coming up with other ways to produce leads and do different things and produce more business for realtors, et cetera. Guess what? We still copy the winners. I have friends all over the country that I network with and we talk about what’s working for them, what’s working for us. Only really in the last five or seven years are we coming up with some truly new things of our own. Before that, we were just copying the winners around the country.

Too many agents are focused on trying to innovate their way to success. Imitate your way to success, implement your way to success. I’m here with someone, one of our Florida realtors, who’s just awesome. Lisa, say hello, say good morning.

Lisa: Hey, good morning.

Anthony: Lisa and I are about to have breakfast. Poor woman comes for breakfast and she has to be on a video, but she’s one of the best implementers I’ve ever seen. She sees what other people are doing and she just does it. She just implements. When I talked to her a few months ago, after she joined here, I remember one of your first transactions, I said, “Oh, how’d you get that one?” You said, “I just followed the script.”

Lisa: Yes.

Anthony: “I just followed up the way you say to.” Do you want to add anything?

Lisa: No, I mean, it’s not that hard. You do, you imitate until you really get it and then you just run with it. It’s simple. It’s so simple it’s a little scary.

Anthony: I think people, what they do is they waste time. I don’t think, I know. They waste time, waste energy on things that are a maybe. Just follow what works. You guys get the point. Have a good day, everybody.