Identify Your Ideal Client

“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one!”
- Meredith Hill

There is so much value in finding your ideal client. Once you know who they are you can message to them better and you can deliver that message where they are and at the right time! But the hardest part is figuring out who they are.

Let’s get the ball rolling with a few questions to help you figure out who you should spend your time targeting.

Ideal Client Image


Ask yourself the following…

Have you purchased your first home?

Are you a long-time homeowner? Have you sold your own home before?

Do you have experience with renters and renting?


Do you have experience with people retiring and downsizing?


Do you have experience with investment properties or fixer uppers?


Have you gone through a divorce? Had to split up property for a friend that went through a divorce?


Do you have kids and have had to up-size?


Have you had experience with helping with the sale of a home that was within a trust?


Have you sold multi-family properties before?


Have you dealt with foreclosures or short sales?


OK, by now you should either have an idea of someone who you feel you are equipped to help, or you are thinking of more questions of things that should get you there.

So who are you most equipped to market to?

  1. Picture their woes, what are their biggest needs/issues?
  2. What information or experience can you provide that they can’t get easily elsewhere?
  3. Where are they? Where do they spend their time?

In Conclusion

Once you take the time to identify the person you can serve, you then need to understand them. You need to understand them more than they understand themselves. Most of the time the best niche for you as a REALTOR is someone just like you because you know what you need, like, think and are concerned with, so you are an expert on that for them.
Then you meet them where they are. For instance, are you going after 30-something, first-time, single home-buyers? If you are you won’t find those types of people reading the newspaper, right? They are on Facebook (Do you have an active FB business page?), they are watching sports, they are on dating apps, they are headed to a bridal show because they just got engaged…see how this works?

Want to learn more on how to build your audience? Facebook is the best place with over 1 BILLION active users! 

Have you watched our Social Media training videos for tips on how to market yourself on Facebook?  If not go here!

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