How to: Keep Your Buyers Happy

Real Estate sales is a contact sport. If you are not in contact with the buyers, even if you have them signed up and have showed them homes, you risk losing them. This sounds a lot easier than it is or can be. Buyers can get grumpy, frustrated and upset very easily for many different reasons. Some of which are valid, others maybe not so much. Although we do say that the customer is NOT always right, you want to keep them happy (to a degree).

keep buyers happy

1. Make sure to continuously dig for your buyer & let them know you're digging

What does this look like?

  • Stalk MLS for every buyer you have who wants to buy within 30 days.
  • Connect with the top listing agents in the area to find out what they have coming up.
  • Reach out to sellers if possible. If your buyer insists on being on a certain street you could write a letter or knock on some doors.
  • Make a point to tell the buyer when you are doing these things mentioned above, even if no results.
  • Drive the neighborhood, signs usually go up before MLS, even with our listings that are in pre-list.
  • Zillow’s Coming Soon, FSBOs.
  • Show them our company email with the list of takens/pre-list.
  • Call expireds

Basically, looking in any way, shape or form, for properties that will be for sale, if not already, that match their criteria. Make sure you are showing and proving to them that you are doing everything you possibly can to find them their new home. Send a new home for sale, a pending home, a recent sold comp in the area they are looking, or even a listing our company has in pre-list that is in the neighborhood.

2. Communicate on a regular basis

This goes hand in hand with digging for them in the sense that you are letting them know you are looking and keeping them updated with what is currently on the market. If your showings are more than a week away, you must connect with the buyer in between. Text them just make sure you keep it warm!

3. SHOW them reports, blogs, statistics

Don’t just tell them why they didn’t get their offer accepted or why they aren’t finding homes that match what they are looking for. SHOW them reports, comps, market updates, blogs etc. The more you show and explain the more understanding they will be.

As much as our line of work is situational, these tips will always help to show your hard work and dedication and prove yourself as an expert in this ever-changing market.