How To Get More Seller Leads

Seller leads in real estate are individuals who may hire you as their real estate agent when they list their home for sale. It can sometimes be difficult for real estate agents to obtain seller leads. However, by utilizing certain techniques you can learn to generate more of these leads and eventually convert them to clients. This article will give you some insight into what techniques to utilize in order to generate these leads. 

AA couple selling home

Ask for referrals from your network and past clients


Sometimes, all you have to do is ask! One of the best ways to generate seller leads is by asking for referrals from past clients that trust you and know your value. If you had great success with these clients, there is no reason they won’t refer you to their family and friends!

This is why it’s important to provide the best service to all of your clients. You never know what other business they can bring you. 

In addition to asking past clients, don’t hesitate to ask your own family, friends, and colleagues as well. These individuals likely already know what you can bring to the table! 

Make sure to showcase your value on your website


Like most people, sellers will often research online when they are in need of a real estate agent. Having a website that is well built, organized, and visually appealing will entice sellers who come across it. Along with the look of the website, it should also include tons of information about yourself and your business. Highlight throughout your site how valuable you are and show off the success that you’ve had with past listings! You can also feature a testimonials section so potential leads can read awesome reviews about you and your business from your past clients. 

Stay active on social media

If you’re not already on social media, it’s time to get on! Social media is another great way to generate high-quality leads for not only sellers but buyers as well. On your profiles, you can show off the homes you have successfully sold, the homes you have available at the moment, and you can also provide your expertise by sharing tips and quality information about real estate. By having a high engagement account, when people come across it they will see that they can trust you to successfully sell their home. 


Take an online course

The above tips are only a handful of techniques that assist with generating seller leads. For more insight, consider an online real estate course. The professionals at Crush It In Real Estate have years of experience with real estate success and would love to assist you with growing your business. Contact us with any questions and sign up today!