Loyal real estate clients can make a huge difference in having a successful real estate business. Gaining and retaining loyal clients will translate into positive repeat business. A large part of building strong client loyalty is by offering them value in return.

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Here are 7 ways you, as a real estate agent, can offer value and foster relationships that result in more sales:

1. Monthly Newsletters

Strong relationships are created via communication and there is no better way to efficiently and effectively communicate than by sending out a monthly newsletter to your clients.

2. Call Your Clients

If you notice your clients are going above and beyond decorating or putting in new and improved landscaping, give them a call or shoot them a text to let them know it looks great. Who wouldn’t want compliments on their hard work?

3. Birthday Cards

By keeping track of birthdays you can send birthday cards to let your clients know you think about them and remember their special day.

4. Holiday Treats

The holidays are a fantastic way to show client appreciation. By dropping off treats that coincide with holidays or seasons you are reminding your client that you are around for any of their real estate needs, big or small.

5. Set Up Appreciation Days

By organizing and setting up client appreciation events you will establish new relationships and strengthen the ones you already have. These events can be seasonal or be as simple as a backyard BBQ.

6. Be Present and Reliable

Be diligent in returning and responding to client communications as being a reliable communicator can have a positive impact on your relationships and reputation.

7. Share Resources

Don’t hesitate to pass along information that you know your clients would appreciate and enjoy. You will get to know their hobbies and interests so keep a lookout for anything that they would enjoy.

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