How a Mortgage Lender Can Help your Business

Realtors may be in competition with other realtors, but this is far from true when it comes to mortgage lenders. If anything, both parties work better and more successfully with one another. In fact, lenders can help you grow your business!

shaking hands and money

1. Increased business

Providing an all around easy and professional experience throughout a buyer or seller transaction is key to not only happy clients, but referrals. The mortgage lender you work with is a big part of that experience. Your clients will remember how simple and easy you and the lender made this process for them. They will in turn refer you to friends and family.

2. Prequalification

Having a lender who has a thorough process such as a prequalification, can really help to speed up the process of obtaining a pre-approval, and getting the client fully funded.

3. Reputation

Is key! Knowing that your mortgage lender has the means, the expertise and the willingness to do good by not just your clients, but by you is extremely important. Building this relationship can help referrals between both parties, but you need to trust one another.

4. Go above and beyond

This also ties in with your lender having a great reputation. Working with a preferred lender is knowing you have established a stable and honest relationship. It’s even better when your lender goes above and beyond for you and your client’s transactions. Believe it or not, there are lenders out there who will call the listing agent on behalf of you and your buyer to ensure their mortgage commitment is guaranteed. This can make or break a deal, especially during a bidding war!

Cultivating these types of relationships within our field is extremely important for all parties involved. Happy client, happy lender, happy you!