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Anthony Lamacchia: The Federal’s reserve has a meeting today, and they’re going to raise the benchmark rate either three quarters or one point who’s nervous. Not me. It is what it is. Folks. They have to do it. They have to get inflation under control. That is the number one job of the federal reserve. When they do that, that raises the borrowing cost of everyth. Including having an some upward pressure on mortgage rates and it will likely rise mortgage rates in the weeks to come.

However, some of that is already baked in because they are expecting it. So as far as I’m concerned, I’m not losing any sleepover, whatever happens because folks, no matter what interest rates do, people buy homes, people sell homes, people have to move. And that’s that some of this adjustment that the market is going.

Uh, we’re getting back to sellers who sell when they need to sell in buyers who buy when they [00:01:00] need to buy that’s the market. We’re getting back to a lot of these sell buys were like, uh, want to be sell buys. Well, geez, I don’t really need a bigger home, but if you’re telling me I can cash it in get 300,000 buy a bigger home than I want to do it.

And that created a lot more buyers, a lot more, um, a lot more. Want to be buyers, Jasmine, you’re up right now. It’s like, it’s like two in the morning where you live. So be aware of that. Okay. And as I say, in my crushed mindset videos on my personal Instagram, AJ lomaia at AJ lomaia. I don’t care what happens with what my goal every day when I get out of bed is to dominate every single day.

That’s what I will do today. Whether rates go to up a half, a percent, three quarters, 1.7 points. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. Today is the day to dominate in tomorrow will be the day to. [00:02:00] People buy people sell. It never stops at the worst part of COVID in the very beginning. Remember when they were telling us everyone’s gonna die.

Literally everyone’s dead. Everyone’s dead. If you don’t stay home, you will die. Remember that? Okay. Take a place like Massachusetts thousand homes a a week. We’re still listed 1500 homes a week were still listed in south Florida. Over 500 a week were still listed in New Hampshire. Was that less than the norm?

Yes. But guess. There were still tons of homes listed. And guess what? Just as many were going pending, if not more, that’s what drove inventory down. Why am I mentioning that? I’m mentioning that because we are in a business folks that never, ever, ever, ever sleeps ever. Okay. Joanna, I do not clean my pool every, every single morning, but I do walk out here and make sure everything is right.

Usually after my workout, back to what I was saying, Jasmine and Joanna are, are distracting me. no matter what happens, [00:03:00] people are always buying. They’re always selling we’re in the beginning of the beginning of an adjustment period, and there’s always a few bumps along the way with that, but the market’s actually been pretty active.

Things have been pretty darn good for the last three weeks and pretty darn busy. Once we got past the July 4th holiday. So embrace it and dominate the day every day. And by the way, if you’re looking for some mindset, help check out. AJ lomaia on Instagram. I did one yesterday on how skepticism hurts. I’m doing one at this point, probably tomorrow morning.

I was gonna do it today, but then I did this. I’m doing one tomorrow on how people are way too fast to believe bad things. So I’m doing the opposite of skepticism. Okay. People are always skeptical when they hear about good things, but they’re way too quick to believe bad things, and I’m gonna cover. Uh, in a crushed mindset video on my personal Instagram, probably tomorrow have a great day.

Everybody doesn’t matter what the fed does today. I give zero. F#&k what the fed does, cuz I’m gonna dominate no matter what have a good day.