Half Of Being Successful Is Just Showing Up

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Half of being successful is just showing up, showing up in different capacities for different things. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush It In Real Estate, and I want to talk to you about the importance of showing up. Part of showing up is time management, choice management, those are critical things. Those subjects are things that I’m going to spend time on this Thursday at our 2022, Crush It In Real Estate Annual Kickoff.

I’m going to be talking about why so many realtors struggle to grow their businesses because they don’t know how to manage their time. I’m going to talk to you agents that are doing 10 deals a year that say, “Yes, I’d like to do more but I don’t know when the hell I would have time.” I’m going to go over things that you can put in place. Disciplines, things that you can do to change your schedule to free up time. What about you realtors that are doing 50 transactions a year that want to get to 80? I’m going to talk to you as well.

Late last year, I did a training right over there and we went over a whole bunch of things that realtors do to waste time, their money-losing activities. Then, on this side of the board, on the left side, I went over money-making activities. When we added up how many hours a realtor gains by getting rid of the money-losing activities, we came up with 240 hours. 240 hours. That’s a lot of time to gain in your year. 240 hours in a year, that’s a tremendous amount of time.

I’m going to go over those things with you. I’m also going to be talking about what’s going on in the market, how and why are we at the lowest inventory level in history? We’re going to talk about that. Knowledge is power. It’s power, and the more you know, the better job you can do talking to your buyers and sellers.

We also have several realtors, top-performing realtors, new in the business or vets 35 years in the business that are going to talk to you about what you can do better in your business. As I said at the beginning, half of being successful is just showing up. For those of you that are hesitating to sign up for the event, know that we’ve got about a hundred seats left because we’re capping it at 900.

We’re going to allow for maybe 950 or 980 signups because we know there’ll be some drop-off, but know that we’re getting close to a sold-out point because we’re capping it at 900. The room is going to have a maximum of 900 people. I think it might even end up at 800, and it’s a room that can handle 1400 people. There’s also a mask mandate in the city of Wooster, so everyone that attends is going to be wearing a mask, whether they like it or not. We’re going to have to, we have no choice. Unless you’re on stage, you’re performing, speaking, sharing you have to wear a mask.

If you’re concerned about COVID, I don’t want to say, don’t be, because it’s your own personal choice to be concerned, but I want to let you know, we’re taking it serious for this event. We are taking it serious like we do in any of our events or any of our gatherings. Half of being successful is just showing up. Show up on Thursday, folks. I would love to see you and help you have an even better 2022.