Good news – rates are down!

Video transcript for Good news – rates are down:

Anthony Lamacchia: Realtors, there’s actually good news today. Rates have come down and the jobs report was actually favorable to rates, even though it was a weak jobs report, but remember, bad economic data is good news for mortgage rates. Mortgage rates are in the low sevens right now. 7.1, 7.2, that’s good news. The other good news about right now and this weekend in particular is this is going to be the last weekend of inventory of homes for sale being at its highest point of the year. It’s been like that over the last two weeks. It’ll last about another week and then homes start coming off the market. Get your buyers out there. Ignore the noise that’s going on with court cases and everything else. Buyers still want to buy, sellers still want to sell. Get your buyers in action. Get them an updated pre-approval today and let’s go, folks. Good luck, happy home buying, happy home selling. Have a great day.

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