Good and Bad Times Don't Last Forever

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Anthony Lamacchia: Good times don’t last forever, but bad times also don’t last forever either. Those are words of wisdom from my grandfather. I distinctly remember talking to him about how hot the real estate market was and how much it was booming back in 2005, and I remember him saying if it’s booming that much, be aware because once things get too hot, eventually they cool down. And then I remember, four or 5 years later, talking to him about 2008 and 2009 and telling him how slow the market was, and him saying, well, if it’s that slow, it’ll come back. Folks, those are some great words of wisdom and there’s something that everyone needs to keep in mind right now if you’re in the real estate business. We are experiencing a serious recession, a drought in home sales, different than the last time, really no effect on house prices but just a lack of sales. Well folks, look at the numbers, look at the statistics. Okay, got to watch out which way I’m going here. Look at the statistics, it is impossible for it to stay this slow forever. It is impossible for it to really get any slower, right? It really is. So you have to operate every day knowing right now that we are about at the bottom of the slowdown on the sales cycle and really, it can only go up from here. It would be unusual and unlikely for it to slow down anymore. So keep that in mind, keep working hard, keep at it because when the lights turn back on, you’ll be booming. Have a great day everybody.

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