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Anthony Lamacchia: I want to teach other agents to take what we’re doing and do it for them, brand themselves, build a name for themselves, grow their businesses. There’s power in numbers and that’s what we have really been doing over the last few years. As I mentioned earlier, we are positioned for take off and I’d say we’re already taking off.

Michelle Wesson: I wasn’t making the money that I thought I would and I wasn’t really happy. I decided to go and meet with the Lamacchia and I’m very very happy that I did. It has been life changing for me as far as business and personal life goes because again, he has taught me how to manage my time and he’s taught me how to be the successful person that I wasn’t even sure I could be before that.

Michael McGrory: The most refreshing or exciting piece on my end is when they come to me and say I applied this in the field and it works. That’s like there’s no better compliment than that.

Angela Harkins: I think the biggest surprise was really how good the training is. Training on systems it’s training on sales which is something you don’t get anywhere else. You go to other companies and they might say well, we have lots of training and you find out there are webinars. There’s no interaction whatsoever but with Lamacchia, there’s a lot of interaction. I find that really makes the difference.

Anthony: We actually named our training system REAL training. For me, what does REAL training mean? It means real. It means we’re going over things that agents struggle with.

Alyssa Spear: I chose Lamacchia Realty because I knew they offered a lot of training. They teach you how to get where you want to go and they target what’s most important to you and what you should be focusing on to get to that point.

Kip LeBaron: I’ve learned more in my first year here with Lamacchia here than I did in the first two years that I spent in the real estate industry with another company. The trainings have just been phenomenal.

Anthony: Support is very important. We have an email It emails the entire management team and me. I would say that our average response time to a question is probably five minutes from an agent. I hear these horror stories of agents not hearing back from their broker or their managers for days on end. To me, that’s unfathomable.

Darlene Umina: Most of the time all my good memories and I think back is the time we spent together as a team. Whether it’s work outings or even and training because we all share each other’s stories we all help each other out and it’s a fun time really whenever we’re together, honestly.

Jackie Louh: There’s this amazing support system within the company. I’m looking for it’s now become a massive part system for new agents because I’ve been there.

Lindsay Thompson: If our agents are happy our clients will be happy. It’s one of the things I love about this company is that everyone is so passionate. Everyone loves what they do and they’re all invested. It just makes the machine work.

Alyssa: They are always there to answer your questions. No question is stupid. They’ve all been through it and it’s just fantastic to know that you have other people that you can work with and rely on if you have a question you call them and they’re never too busy for you.

Sabrina McGrory: We let the agents be agents so they can get out there, see more homes show more homes, sign up more listings.

Anthony: My number one goal every single day is to drive leads into the company. When you bring leads into a company as a real estate company, you have something.

Joselin Malkhasian: What I really love about working at Lamacchia Realty is not only their quality of leads that they’re able to provide to their agents, but they teach you how to convert those leads into clients,

Kip: With Lamacchia Realty, they provide leads for me. Whether it’s a buyer lead or a seller lead, I’m getting those opportunities to actually make a sale or have someone sign on with me as a client and help them buy a home or help them sell a home.

Fayth Kestenbaum: My business has definitely grown exponentially since I started just four months ago. I have more clients than I probably ever would have had at one time in my previous company.

Michelle: The prior year I think I sold five homes and in the first year at Lamacchia I sold 16 homes, I believe. It’s looking like this year I’ll be closing on over 30 home sales.

Angela: I’ve done more transactions this year, had more income, and I’ve had more time off. To me, that is incredible.

Alyssa: I just feel like they want to feel grow as much as they possibly can and they always advise you on how you can reach those goals that you made that you think are pipe dreams and then all the sudden you’re hitting them. Then you might be doubling your goals.

Michael: There is no better feeling than hoping someone improve their business and ultimately, make more money.

Lindsay:  Anthony has been in the business for a long time. Some of the agents that we have been here for a long time as well but putting their minds together we’re coming up with this perfect formula and now the company’s just going to skyrocket. It’s just going to go from here.

Angela: Before, I had no time for anything. It was work, work, work all the time and then I had to carve out little pieces of time for personal life. Now, I actually have a personal life.

Sarah Chaisson: I think an agent should join Lamacchia Realty and see if they want to grow their business if they want a system to follow REAL training, there’s so much that we can offer for them and it doesn’t matter if you’re an agent that just got licensed or an agent that’s been in business for 10, 15, 20 years. There’s always something new to learn. You have the best people in the business on your side your cheerleaders everybody wants you to do well.

Anthony: People like being a part of success. People like being a part of something that’s growing. We’re obviously growing we’re obviously successful and that’s only going to increase in the years to come. I have said it before and I’ll say it 10 times, we will build an empire. We will be the biggest most successful and best real estate company in America someday. Remember I said that here today.