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In today’s real estate world, it’s more important than ever to join a company that is innovative and progressive. A company that stays ahead of the game and is always looking for ways to improve their products and services. Lamacchia Realty is different because we are always changing with the market, and always looking for new systems to come into place. By providing valuable resources, we make it easier for agents to succeed in their careers and grow their businesses.

Genevieve Botelho: This is completely different company. It’s not like the other Remaxes, Keller Williams Coldwell Bankers out there. It is innovative, it is progressive, they stay ahead of the game which is good for you too because you need to educate. You need to stay on top of what the market is doing and also all the new systems that are coming into place because things change all the time and if you don’t change with it you’re going to fall behind.

Diane Mayo: A real estate company hands your binder and says have it, go figure it out. A real estate business actually gives you the tools, the opportunity and the biggest thing is the respect of your own personal business which you get at Lamacchia.

Anthony Lamacchia: I was a little nervous at first thinking, okay, are going to like all the things we have to offer, are they going to like our trainings, are they going to engage, are they going to be involved, are they going to enjoy the company. I’m happy to report that they have very much. It’s actually exceeded my expectations and it’s very exciting.

Eileen Doherty: I talked to one of the other agents and myself the two of us came down to meet with him one day, we were walking down the hallway coming into the office and I said to her, I said, “Gene, just so you know I’m not leaving.” We listened to him, we listened to his spiel for like I said an hour and a half. By the time we walked out to the car they’re out in the hallway, I turned to Gene and I said, “When can we start?”

Anthony: There are a tremendous amount of realtors all over New England who have been doing this for 20 plus years that are very very good and when they come in here and they take bits and pieces of our training and bits and pieces of our tools and services, their businesses grow. We’ve seen it in almost every single case but it isn’t just their businesses have grown many of them have made comments in the fact that they also have more time in the day, they have a life now.

Michelle Wesson: If you would have told me that by joining Lamacchia I would sell 50 homes, I would never believe it. It’s just wouldn’t have been in the cards for me. Selling 10 homes was a challenge because I was doing everything. I was taking the pictures, I was putting signs and just spending far too much time on things that weren’t my expertise. I wouldn’t have believed it, I value my family time and I would not trade that for success. I haven’t had to do that by joining Lamacchia.

Jean Cullinane: I just love it. I felt right at home the minute I joined here. Everybody was so welcoming and the support is great. They do so much for you here. It’s just so well-run.

Eileen: When you come into the office here and everybody’s in a good mood, everybody’s happy, that doesn’t happen all the time. I love my job as it is but to love, to go into an atmosphere in a company were everybody’s so friendly and nobody can do enough to help you, that’s like unheard of.

Diane: What I would tell any older agents sitting there status quo in their business you have got to get down here, you at least have to put your foot in the door because once you come in here and you see those people and you see the atmosphere you will not be leaving here without being a Lamacchia agent.