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Anthony Lamacchia: We want to work with agents on solutions. That’s why we make our trainings very real and actual and fun. They’re not boring. We don’t sit around and talk about boring things.

Michelle Wesson: It’s incredible training. I’ve learned more in two and a half years than I did in the 10 years prior.

Alyssa Spear O’Grady: I chose Lamacchia Realty because I knew they offered a lot of training. Training was once a year at a lot of the companies that I talked to. When you’re just getting out in the real estate field, you need a lot more training than that.

Michael McGrory: Trainings are incredibly important to our company. We understand that the growth of our business depends on really the success of our agents, so we want to make sure that they’re succeeding and have the tools that they need to succeed.

Angela Harkins: You go to other companies and they might say, “Well, we have lots of training”, and you find out that they’re webinars, there’s no interaction, whatsoever. With Lamacchia, there’s a lot of interaction. I find that that really makes the difference.

Jill Kosiba: I didn’t have those tools before. I had no idea how to build my business, how to grow my business and with Lamacchia we have everything at our fingertips to make our business grow.

Jackie Louh: You’re going to learn a lot about the industry. Everyone is ready to teach and help you, and show you the roads.

Michael McGrory: When they come to me and say, “I applied this in the field and it worked”, that’s like there’s no better compliment than that.