REALTORS® Get More Training with Lamacchia Realty

Agents of all experience levels need training. The Real Estate industry is forever evolving so if you aren’t receiving training you will fall behind. 

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Colleen Crowley: The training at Lamacchia is different from anywhere else that I’ve been. Yes, other companies offer training, but nothing like this. I have participated in as much of the training as I can. Even if I’ve already taken a course that they might be training on, I’m taking it over because there’s always something more to get out of that training.

Paul J. Cervone: We go through numerous buyer training classes, and how do we sign up buyers from start to finish, how do we build those relationships, how do we navigate COVID-19 times and try to land the deals. Then, we go into seller courses, and how do we sign up listings, and how do we manage coming-soons, and all the things that we do to sell more houses for more money under the terms that our clients want.

Kate Perrine: The training starts from A to Z. It starts at the very beginning for buyers and sellers to begin their real estate career, learning the very basics, all the way down to at the closing table.

Rosalee DiScipio: In buyer training, you really learn how to grow your own buyer sphere and keep in contact with them and make sure that you’re making meaningful connections with people rather than just sell, sell, sell. Same with the sellers training, there’s an entire system that sets it up so that we can go step by step and not trip up and be efficient in our meetings and get the listing.

Elisha Lynch: The training, I thought I came in as a good agent, I became a better agent. I’m taking advantage and learning things I didn’t know I didn’t know.

Yana Ellowitz: Everyone goes. The training is really good. It’s fun. You need to follow the system. If you follow the system, you will succeed.

Krista Matthews: The training is out of this world. It’s not pick up your phone and call your database, it goes more into it. Social media, client relationships, the process, both buyers and sellers, from start to finish, and it’s constant. We can go online and do it. It’s always available.

Tammy Jackson: REAL Training is real training. It was very in-depth, and it made the onboarding process so much easier. I felt it was very streamlined. I loved the fact that they guide you with all of the policies, the procedures.

Krista Matthews: It’s not just monthly training or a yearly training, it’s weekly training and more. Every Wednesday, we have our training, but there’s always other opportunities.

Vinny Scifo: If it’s another agent who has been successful doing something and a lot of agents are struggling with a particular thing, they’ll have that agent come up and speak to the group and let them know what’s working for them, and how we can implement that in our business.

Tammy Jackson: How to work with a buyer, what the expectation should be, how to work with the seller, what stresses they might be experiencing. It was really a hands-on training that you can revert back to anytime you need to.

Kelly Dimbat: I use Training every day, whether I’m watching on the Kajabi app, logged in to our live Facebook feed. Training is something that I would never pass up.

Ryan Anderson: It’s a training program that’s valuable, even for somebody like myself who is a new agent, or a vet that’s been doing it for 25 years. I can see how the systems that are in place really do allow for agents that have a book of business of their own to really amplify and to scale up while supporting yourself.

Eddie Ahearn: People told me all the time that when you become a realtor, most realtors fail in the first year because they don’t have the training and they don’t have the support. That’s one of the reasons why it took me so long to get into this business, but when I got in, talking to the people that were already here, they said, “Trust me, we have the training, we have the tools that are going to help you to be successful.”

Mike Morgan: The energy that Anthony brings and all of the trainers bring is just something I’ve never seen before. When I went there, it was addicting. I started showing up every Wednesday. I’d get there at 7:00 AM. I just couldn’t wait to get into the building and get there for training, and I would do it in person. It was some of the best training I’ve ever had. They say it’s like the NBA of real estate training, and it really is.

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