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Anthony Lamacchia: When you talk about our system, we’re very systematized and we have been since day one. Now we make it so that agents can plug in, follow the system, learn everything, and sell homes.

Angela Harkins: Having automated reminders, having the dates, not forgetting anything because everything’s on the system, not having to do little things like that last minute paperwork, it gets done for you and then it’s just mailed to you, you don’t have to run around looking for closing checks, they’re all FedExed to the attorneys, that was amazing. That saves me a lot of time.

Sarah Chaisson: We are their biggest cheerleaders and we want them to do well. For them to believe in our systems, and follow our systems, and see that everything that we do works is great.

Dave Karoly: It’s really nice to explain our system to people and help them succeed at once they follow it through.

Anthony Lamacchia: When you take all of these stuff together and you put it together, you have a formula for success. We want to do everything we can to plug agents in and make them successful.

Lauren Chalmers: Follow the path, and follow what the trainers have to say, and follow the systems they have in place because it’s going to make you successful today, tomorrow, and down the road.