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The managers at our company are experts in the areas that they manage. They all have experience in sales and know how to overcome problems. This allows us to quickly address issues with agents and give them the tools they need to solve problems. Our managers provide exceptional support that helps our agents succeed.

Anthony Lamacchia: The managers that we have are truly experts in the areas that they managed. None of the managers in this company didn’t sell once upon a time. They know how to overcome problems. That’s why we get back to the agents as quickly as we possibly can, we talk to them about how to solve that problem, we give them the tools that they need or whatever will help them to solve that problem.

Darlene Umina: The management team is available. I know they’re going to yell at me when I say this but they’re available all the time. They’re really there for anything that we need in order to get our job done.

Alyssa Spear O’Grady: The team at Lamacchia Realty is really incredible. They all want to succeed with you and they all want to help you succeed. They are always there to answer your questions. It’s just fantastic to know that you have other people that you can work with and rely on, if you have a question you call them and they’re never too busy for you.

Stacy Travers: Working with Lamacchia gave me the confidence to go out there and be a good realtor. I don’t know if I would have it in me had I gone anywhere else.

Angela Harkins: Everybody’s very giving and open. Nobody’s like I’m not sharing, everybody shares their information.

Jill Kosiba: Everybody has each other’s back, everybody really wants to see each other succeed and that was what impressed me.

Sarah Chaisson: A lot of agents have to worry about doing postcards or floor plans, pictures, hanging the signs, posting your listings on websites. We take care of all that for agents.

Sabrina McGrory: We are here to help, we want to help, we enjoy helping. It’s so important for us to let the agents be agents. They have to be able to get out there to meet with their sellers, to meet with their buyers. With the support that we can provide them we can take all those little tasks off their plate. We can allow them to pick up the phone and call a seller rather than having to deal with uploading paperwork and shooting an email off to another agent about a showing. That’s what our team is here for and that’s what we do.