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Joselin Malkhasian: Showing Partners is a service that we have at Lamacchia Realty that allows agents to work with each other, to cover each other’s appointments. How the service works is that I can put in a request and I will see all the agents that accept the invitation. Then I can select the agent that I want to do the showing for me or I want to do the appointment for me.

Deanna Faucher: You can’t be in more than one place at a time, so Showing Partners allows you to be able to again reach out to different agents to see if they’re available to take your buyer to multiple properties. You’ll list the properties on there, they’ll schedule the showings, and then you can communicate through that agent and your buyer. That person will be standing in for you.

Mike McGrory: As an example, a showing or a home inspection mean sometimes that time commitment is two, three, four or five hours, depending on what the activity is. They have the ability to hire a trained agent to actually cover whatever that task is for them. That way, again, they can be spending more time doing money making, producing activities.

Deanna: I had a vacation planned. I had accepted offer right before I left, and the home inspection was going to be taking place while I was gone. I was able to go into Showing partners and actually reach out to those agents that might be available that day, pay a certain fee to have them stand in for the home inspection for me.