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Sabrina McGrory: The services that we provide here at Lamacchia Realty are really there to help benefit the agents. That way they can be the best agent that they can be.

We are here to support and assist and allowing us to get our hand into each transaction whether it is buyer or seller, gives the opportunity for the agent to be out on the road showing those homes, obtaining those clients and really growing their business.

AJ Bruce: They supply us with everything. Floor plans being done. Dealing with everything before it hits the market to when it’s on the market to when we’re in a transaction to closing. It’s full-service all the way through.

Mike McGrory: A big part of our business is converting buyers and sellers into qualified appointments. We actually have people in-house who do that all day, every day. They’re really good at it. That actually saves a lot of our top agents a lot of time, because they’re not on the phone grinding trying to call these leads.

Genevieve Botelho: The management and the support and the systems in place, it allows me to be out there building my business and spending time with my clients.

Kip LeBaron: I’m not worried about having to take the pictures or do the floor plans or put the lockbox on or set up the sign or put the listing together, having that team behind me, my assistant, the field agent and using those services. I’m really able to spend more quality time with the client.

Mike: I think the natural progression of an agent is to get really busy, do a lot of business but eventually, they reach a plateau where they can’t really do too much more because there’s just not enough hours in the day.

Walter Harrington: Without these services, I’m sure I’d be back to maybe four sales a year like I was before where I’m on pace to do maybe 30 this year.

AJ: In using these services, it definitely gives us the ability again to be out in the field and do the things that we do best which is interacting with our clients, not wasting time getting stuck in the office. Not that the paperwork is unimportant. Of course, it is but to have someone else dealing with it in the background so we can be out there interacting with the clients, getting more business, doing the important things.

Anthony Lamacchia: The biggest thing the average realtor struggles with is time management. If you look at realtors, the way that they operate their day, they tend to get very bogged down in all the small things. Our goal as a company is basically to take some of those small things off of them. Not necessarily for free, but take those small things off their plate so that they can do what they do best which is work with buyers and sellers, helping them buy and sell homes.