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Michelle Wesson: In my previous real estate career before joining Lamacchia, I did everything myself. I put signs up. It was bad, lock boxes. I spent hours late at night putting things in MLS, little details that, of course, are very important to sellers, but I did realize that I can get help with doing that.

I used that system faithfully on every single sale I use. My sellers love it, and it actually allows me time to focus on what I do best, like I said, and also to have family time which I treasure more than anything at all, so it works great.

Joselin Malkhasian: The services play an active role in me increasing my business each and every year, because if I were being bogged down by Pre-List services such as just taking my own photography, hanging up the signs, my writers, the lock boxes– That’s just something that– I’m five foot one, I’m not going to be trucking along for sale signs. They take care of all of that for me.

AJ Bruce: As far as Pre-List services go, it includes everything from the beginning of the transaction. Again, from booking pictures to be taken at an appointment, to putting a sign up at the property, putting a lock box on the property. They supply us with everything, floor plans being done, you name it. Again, really everything from dealing with everything before it hits the market, to when it’s on the market, to when we’re in a transaction, to closing, full service all the way through.

Kip LeBaron: By taking advantages of the listing service and Pre-List services at Lamacchia, I’ve been able to better serve my clients because I’ve been able to spend more quality time with them. Meaning if they have questions, they need to be on the phone with me, I’m not worried about having to take the pictures, or do the floor plans, or put the lock box on, or set up the sign, or put the listing together.

Having that team behind me, my assistant, the field agent, and using those services, I’m really able to spend more quality time with the client.

Anthony Lamacchia: We’re taking those activities that aren’t dollar productive off the agent’s plate because the agents are sales people. That’s what they’re made to do. They are made to be out working with buyers and sellers. All we’re doing by having these services in place is supporting them in such a way so that the agents can do what they are best at.