Paul J. Cervone

Paul J. Cervone:  I’m a Mass and New Hampshire licensed Realtor and National Military relocation professional with Lamacchia Realty. I was in every training, multiple times buyer training, seller training, how we manage buyers and sellers more productively use the systems use the strategies. And I and I did a good book of business in the first year. And then 2019, I took all those tools, the tool belt, and the skill set, and I applied them. And in 2019, I made President’s Club, which was a huge accomplishment. For me, it was my best year ever, in my nine years plus of, you know, being a Realtor in this industry. And I basically doubled my business from 18 to 19. To reach that goal, so very exciting. Training is something that you know, you never get it should never get old, doesn’t matter how on top of the game we are, to me, it’s always critically important the training regimen. Is unprecedented in Lamacchia Realty. We train more than any other brokerage, and we have just an incredible tool belt of knowledge to apply. We go through numerous buyer training classes, and how do we sign up buyers from start to finish? How do we build those relationships? So there are tons of strategies about, you know, trying to help our clients manage the tough times that we find ourselves and then we go into seller courses. And how do we sign up listings? And how do we manage coming soon, and all the things that we do to sell more houses for more money under the terms that our clients want. New agents, I would tell you this that I have never seen a brokerage that has more tools to help a young agent, lift off and grab their business by the horns. If I was a young agent, I’d be signing up to come and work for Lamacchia Realty. We train to be the best. We help new agents with a lot of different programs that we offer to help immediately get traction on their business. We were one of the first to actually launch educational websites, educational seminars, and webinars, and Facebook Lives and Anthony was out there cheerleading and trying to educate the consumer, which I think was super powerful. And I didn’t see any other brokerage and we actually had many brokers and brokerages across the country to actually come in tune in on these things, which I thought was huge. So you know, Lamacchia Realty was definitely a trendsetter with COVID-19 because our goal was to keep everyone safe, including the colleagues, employees, and certainly our consumers. The Hub is awesome. And you know, the technology is cutting edge. I’ve never seen anything like it where it basically makes our job easy. And it’s a one-stop-shop to manage our business to create tests, to put in new clients to manage a transaction seamlessly from start to finish. So utilize and leverage every aspect of what Lamacchia Realty can offer. So I utilize a lot of agents to help build my business and support them and where I can mentor I can coach because I have a lot of years of experience and I love helping people succeed.