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Lamacchia Realty has a custom-built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which is now so custom to the company that it’s now called LamacchiaHub. This CRM is incredibly valuable for our agents and staff. One of our major systems within Lamacchia Hub is our sophisticated new home buyer and seller matching system, LamacchiaLinks. This system will enable agents to match buyers and sellers in Lamacchia’s database of leads and has dramatically improved the ability of agents to receive matches to their seller’s properties. This means agents also have the ability to enter their seller’s property location, type, and characteristics into the system and receive matches back with potential buyers who are looking for a home with a similar profile.

Kim McKean: Managing leads and keeping track of your business is super important. Finding business is difficult, and losing it because you aren’t keeping in touch with people is probably the worst thing you can do.

Amie Balchunas: I definitely had experience with CRMs in the past, but nothing like Salesforce. Salesforce has been a game changer for sure.

Sarah Chaisson: We decided that the capabilities with Salesforce in the fact that we were able to do as much customization as possible, that it would be the best fit for us. We met with engineers, and gave them our vision and they turned our vision into what we have now, and we love it.

Anthony Lamacchia: It has all the plans, and triggers, and reminders, and auto emails, and everything you can possibly think about. Even things that you would never dream of needing or wanting until you start using it, you say, “Wait a second, that could do that for us. I didn’t think of that.”

Angela Harkins: What attracted me the most– I didn’t really believe it until I was on board and using the systems, was the back-end system. People say, “Well, back-end system, how is that going to help you with your buyers and sellers?” Having automated reminders, having the dates, not forgetting anything because everything’s on the system, that was amazing, and that saves me a lot of time.

Mark Visco: It makes you way more efficient and productive. It makes it so much easier.

Kim: Especially when you’re building your business and wonder how you’re going to keep up with it all. I can’t imagine doing it without Salesforce, honestly.

Anthony: In the last year, we’ve invested significant money to make it easier on agents, to make it so that agents can get on their Salesforce from their mobile app very easily like clicking into Facebook.

Amie: If I’m out on the road somewhere, I can just edit, click, I can call this person, I can make notes. I can call them right from the Salesforce app.

Mark: It’s super mobile which is awesome because we’re always on the run, whether it’s showings, or meetings, or anything. Always in the move, and it’s always there for you in your hand.

Sarah: If they are at a home inspection, they are still able to get their work done, and not have to bring a bulky laptop with them. We have a lot of agents that prefer to actually use the app over the desktop version which is awesome.

Amie: Before it was, “Let me use this device, that device. Let me put it all together. Let me write it in my notebook,” and hopefully, everybody remembers. Now, everything’s here, it’s all together. After I talk to a lead on the phone, I go right into Salesforce, and all I do is write in the address, click a button, it goes out automatically to them, goes out automatically to me.

Anthony: We really looked at how to create reports that agents care about. Agents love knowing what’s in their pipeline, so we have it setup now so that agents literally have all that on one screen. It’s literally like an accounts receivable for an agent, and an agent can view this with a click of a button.

Mark: The Salesforce commission report is awesome because before it, I just had an Excel spreadsheet and it was a pain in the butt. It was never super accurate, so now with this report, she shows you how much the sale is, how much you’re making, so you know minute-to-minute how much you’re going to have in your bank account. Which is cool.

Kim: I see everything that’s under an agreement, everything that’s sold, how much commission I’ll be getting from each of those things. It’s exciting to go in there all the time and see where you stand, but also it makes you want to do better. I want that number higher.

Sarah: We always take our agents into consideration when we are working on it. We’ve been using the app for three years now, and I don’t think we’ve stopped customizing it since, and there are no plans to stop. It’s great in that respect that we can basically make it exactly how we want it.