REALTORS® Get More Organized with Lamacchia Realty

You need to stay organized in this business, if not you’ll fall behind.

Do you have a system that alerts you daily on tasks that need to be completed and emails that automatically get sent out, or a place to house all your clients and contacts?

Our CRM is a “one-stop- shop” that helps our agents manage their business.

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Maryellen Russo: This unbelievable CRM really just makes my life so much easier.

Yana Ellowitz: We have a great CRM system, which is a huge lifesaver. There’s tasks that pop up, reminders, emails that get sent out through the system. You can see exactly where your commission split’s going to be. Everything is in the system and it has kept me very organized. You need to stay organized in this business.

Paul J. Cervone: Basically makes our job easy. It’s a one stop shop to manage our business, to create tasks, to put in new clients, to manage a transaction seamlessly from start to finish.

Maryellen: To walk into an agency that already has something in place, it is so user friendly and there are so many people that are willing to help with questions and just walking you through the system itself, it’s foolproof. It has helped me just organize everything. I go in, it has everything that any agent needs.

Brittany Lerebours: There’s also an app, which is really convenient, because most of the time it’s our phones we’re on. If I am on the phone with maybe the admin assistant, and she’s like, “Hey, you need to give this client a call, explain something,” I can pull up any documents or any files I need to look at before I give them a call right on the app. I don’t have to pull out my laptop and look it up. All the files are right there, all the documents are right there and it makes it really convenient in that way. Also, the app allows me to quickly connect, if I need to connect something to my calendar, I can just pop it into LamacchiaHub on the app and it connects everything that way as well.

Mike Morgan: It’s overwhelming at first, because there’s so many great tools, but once you get to learn them and people take the time to show you them and you invest in yourself the time to learn them, it’s amazing. It makes your life so much easier so you can still live a life but be successful. The balance that it creates for you is something I appreciate because it allows me to do so many more things with my time.

Vinny Scifo: I really don’t need to remember anything on my own. We have a great system called LamacchiaHub that tracks all of our transactions, has all of our clients’ numbers, everything. It tells us what we need to do, when we need to do it in a specific transaction. Also you have a step by step system telling you what you need to do and if there’s something you don’t really know or understand, you always have agent help, which you can just send an email to and they get back to you immediately.

Michelle Farrell: The Hub has task lists, it has a calendar that syncs with your email calendar so everything is all in one place. The leads, your sphere of influence, everything is all there. Then also if you have any questions, there’s the knowledge tab, which has articles and email templates, anything that you could possibly need in the knowledge tab, which makes it really helpful to just have that hub where all of the information is.

Eddie Ahearn: They make sure that I don’t forget anything because I am older and I forget things so it definitely helps me out.

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