Meghan Martin

My name is Meghan Martin and I’m a realtor with Lamacchia Reality. Being new at the business, I really wanted to make sure that I got great training. So when I met with Anthony, I felt like he really wanted to help me grow. I think being so new, I was a little nervous about how I was going to get business, just because I didn’t know if people were going to be trusting me. I have friends and family doing transactions, but being so new, I didn’t know if they would feel comfortable having me work with them.

There’s such a great real training course that not only prepares you for your own sphere of influence, but for leads. Then having the opportunity to get leads has been an enormous help. I think that that has really helped set the stage for the year for me because when I’m working with leads, I’m really using the training that Anthony and the rest of the management team gave us. Then when I go to meet with my sphere, I feel much more comfortable because I’ve gone through that process with maybe someone who I’m not as familiar or close with.

I’d always heard and kind of seen just with the little experience that I had, that real estate can be really competitive. When you have other realtors in the same office, they’re not really willing to work with you and help you and share information with you. That’s the complete opposite here at Lamacchia, which is amazing. I can call the top realtors in our office, and they’re willing to pick up the phone and help me with whatever I need help with. There’s no competition. I think we’re all just people that are trying to do our best for our clients. We know that by sharing information, that can ultimately help us in the end.

The fact that there’s this group of camaraderie and team aspect is amazing. There’s just undivided attention, so anytime that I need to get on the phone with someone or send an email to urgent help, I get immediate response and everyone’s always willing to help. Like I said, whether it’s someone in the office, on the marketing team, on the sales team, the assistance, or upper management, even Anthony, I had a call with him last night at nine o’clock about a client. Most big brokerage firms, you don’t have access to all those people that are specialized in each individual area and are experts in each individual area.

Our weekly training is always on target with what’s happening in the industry at that time, so I feel like we’re always staying current and ahead of the game with what’s to come down the road. Whether it’s spring season or fall or winter, we’re always getting training that’s applicable to that time of year. A lot of the people that work here, especially in the management team, have sold thousands of houses, and so they’ve been in situations, all different type of unique situations, different type of markets.

Having that expertise and being able to share what has successfully worked for them in those markets is super helpful, and everyone’s willing to give you their little secrets. The fact that I’m ahead of my goals right now is shocking to me. I really didn’t think within my first year that I would be able to do that. So I’m really excited about it.