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At Lamacchia Realty, we understand that marketing is essential for successful real estate sales. That’s why we do more marketing than anyone else in the industry. We spend a significant amount of money on television and radio advertising, and we also do a lot of online marketing for all the properties we list. We believe that this comprehensive approach gives our agents the best chance of reaching potential buyers and helping our clients achieve their goals.

Anthony Lamacchia: I think it’s fair to say we do more marketing than anyone. I don’t really think anyone’s going to argue with that. We spend a significant amount of money on television and on radio. In addition to that, we do a significant amount of online marketing for all the properties that we list.

Kip LeBaron: There no other companies marketing the way LaMacchia is, whether it’s TV, radio and that’s what drew me to come in and learn about the company. If it’s doing that for me as an agent I’m sure it’s doing that for buyers and sellers in the industry as well.

Joselin Malkhasian: When I’m meeting with the seller, I’m 100% confident, that we’re going to be able to market their home better than any other agency in the state.

Lindsay Thompson: I love being able to sit down with agents, teach them the best ways to market themselves, and how to get themselves out there on a smaller scale. How to not just sell properties or how to market to sell a home, but to really get people to be thinking of them as a resource for all things real estate.

Angela Walker: We edit the pictures, we get the floorplans drawn up professionally that increases views by I think about 70%, not all companies do that.

Jackie Louh: We have a lot of volumes so that gives us preferential treatment on a lot of the big websites like Zillow, Trulia and things like, that so our marketing is definitely out there everyone knows about.

Anthony: When bring leads into a company as a real estate company, you have something. You can match buyers up with sellers you have leads to give to agents, you have all different kinds of things. That’s why we market the way that we do and we’re not going to stop.