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REALTORS® Get More Marketing with Lamacchia Realty

“We have the best marketing of any company I’ve been with.” – Rosie DiScipio
Marketing is key.
Here at Lamacchia Realty, we have a whole Marketing Team dedicated to not only consistent branding and presence across multiple channels (tv, social media, billboards, radio etc.) but they take the time to TEACH the agents the tips, tricks, and tools for best marketing themselves and their business.

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Rosie Discipio: We have the best marketing of any company I’ve been with.

Kelly Dimbat: The marketing here at Lamacchia has a lot to do with branding and trust. I really feel like every time I sit down with the seller and I ask if they’re familiar with Lamacchia, they usually say, “Oh, I’ve seen them on TV, or “I see their billboards,” or “I see their signs everywhere.”

Liz Puchala: We have an entire marketing team, which is absolutely incredible. Not only do they help obviously market for your listings and things like that, people actually take the time to teach you social media tools, such as Canva, things that I feel like a lot of other companies maybe don’t take the time to help you with your own personal business.

Paul Dubuque: I was with a friend the other day and I’m driving down the street in my community and there was a Lamacchia sign that he saw and he said, “Hey, how come that’s not you?” I said, “Hey I don’t care who it is. I just want to see Lamacchia signs out there.” It’s happening more and more and more.

Kelly: The key part is that when you actually show them step by step, all the extra things that we can offer them, which doesn’t cost them more money, it just is part of our systems, they really take a step back like, “Wow, I haven’t seen that before”.

Rosie: I feel confident that they know who I’m talking about. We have a TV presence. We have a social media presence. We have signs in the ground presence everywhere I go. I’m completely confident that they’re going to know who we are and what we’re about.

Lynne Kelly: The marketing material is provided to the agents so we can provide our clients, prospective clients, is great. People I’d get comments on on the different marketing materials and the posts that I put out on my Facebook page, my realtor Facebook page, I get a lot of comments. People ask additional questions. It’s been a great source.

Michelle Farrell: Marketing has really set me up for success in terms of the photos for not only myself and my headshots and just me out in the field, but for the listings. It’s really a step up on the competition to have professional photos, that and also video walkthroughs for these high-end condos or houses. It makes all the difference in the world to have quality photography and video.

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