Mark Visco

 I chose Lamacchia Reality because they had a lot of training, mostly also because they had a ton of leads and all different products where you could have different leads which most companies don’t have, and it just seemed like the right choice. Before I came here, I wasn’t selling many homes. I was spending more time trying to find people to sell homes to. Here they train you how to handle leads and then they give you these leads. So they help you get leads, they tell you how to convert those leads to clients and not just people that you’re going to talk to on the phone.

Then those eventually turn to sales, and then those sales turn to referrals, and it’s just like a snowball effect. I think my business jumped up like 300% from the year before I was here to my first year here, which is a big, big bump. Just aside from all the success with business and clients, things like that, it’s just a fun place to work. All your coworkers are fun, all the management is fun. We have lots of cool outings, whether it’s the corporate cup or just random things here and there, and it’s just fun to be in here.

I hate offices and I hate wearing this color, but I don’t mind coming in here. It’s just fun people in a fun atmosphere and everyone’s just cool. Most companies, they have some training but it’s not much. It’s a once a month or something like that, and it’s not on how to write offers, how to negotiate, how to save time, how to search MLS for expired listings, they kind of just teach you bare basic stuff and things like that. Well, this has a lot more diverse trainings that you can really use and feel confident with.

Before I came here, I didn’t know how to write an offer. I didn’t know how to hold an open house. I was wasting a lot of time. I didn’t know how to find buyers or sellers. I didn’t really know how to do anything. I knew how to open a door and show you what a house looked like, but that was it. I didn’t know how to do a home inspection, so they taught us everything from A to B before we could even work with buyers. Then once we get in the mix, start working with buyers, they kind of shift the training to other stuff so it matches what you’re doing.

I think I’ve been here and learned so much from the training that my clients were just more confident knowing that I know what I’m doing, and then that their money is safe and their decisions are safe, and just they have faith that I’m well trained and that there won’t be any mistakes made and there won’t be any surprises. Even if there are some surprises, we know how to handle it. Here you have a group of people who have done this for 10, 12, 15, 20 years. If something happens where you don’t know what to do, they’re a email, a phone call, sometimes a text away. They just answer questions you have.

If it’s a really in-depth question, you usually get a phone call. They’re are a click away for anything from tiny questions that I already know the answer to big questions that take a half hour conversation. I don’t think that’s there with a lot of companies. I think a lot of people are just thrown to the wolves and just see what happens. Here they make sure that you don’t make mistakes and they make sure that if you are going that route, it’s corrected and then you’d go for a future.

When I started here I felt insane that I didn’t start here sooner. I wish I came here years before because this is the place to be if you’re new in real estate. Even if you have been doing it for 5, 10 years and just aren’t happy with your business, or you catch yourself wasting time or what have you, this is the place to be to learn how the business is run, to learn how to deal with clients, leads, and just to get the ball rolling. I never felt like I had a career before I came here and now I do. I feel like there’s a future here, and that’s because of the training and the support.

The training and all that definitely helps you build a career and just feel like you’re– feel good doing what you’re doing, and you’ve found your spot.