Mark S Martin

Mark S Martin:

 The amount of comradery between everybody. Everybody cares for everybody. I’ve never seen that in any other brokerage, and I’ve been, in my six years, five different brokerages. 

The culture, all these people, granted you’ve got all these people in Massachusetts, but I think I probably have talked with maybe 50 of them so far. Again, being there for three and a half months, having all these connections, and getting referrals from people up there. I just found out my cousin was at Lamacchia Reality last week.  How crazy is that? Now she’s helping my brother sell his house and my nephew. 

How cool is that? They came here to meet us agents. There was 38 agents from Massachusetts come meet us. We’re new here, so it was amazing. Some of them I still call. We stay in touch. I feel like I’m just a part of it. Like I said, we have our sharing page, so when I go on there and people comment, you’ve got all that relationship going back and forth between the agents up there. I don’t feel like it’s distance. 

They’re amazing. I just sold a property so naturally, Lamacchia main office sent me an email, “Hey, do you want to send out a postcard saying, ‘Just sold?'” That never happened at any other company. They just set it up and surprised me. “You want to do it? Go for it.” Again, dealing with all of your staff up there, they are so helpful and they just walk you through everything. “Here’s what we have to do. Do you want us to put it together for you? Do you want to customize it?” 

I’ve never seen training like this in any company. We have trainings on Wednesdays. They offer life coaches. I’ve been one-on-one with life coaches to help me run my business, analyze my business, and see how they can help me. That was never offered in any other business. I had to pay for it. I was with another company, and I was paying $1600 a month, just to be coached. 

Of course, they had their programs, but it’s nothing like that here. You don’t have to do a whole lot of research to find out how knowledgeable Anthony is. He’s got a huge audience. His trainings are amazing. In fact, I’ve got a friend of mine who’s a colleague, he’s a top producer, who’s in one of the trainings right now. She has watched Lamacchia crushing the real estate that she just had to be here today. 

It’s a no-brainer. It’s so easy to find all of the information out there if you look for it. Once you watched a few videos, it just makes sense. I can’t say enough about Anthony, and what he does with people. He’s an amazing man, amazing.