Mark Gorden

Hi. I’m Mark Gorden and I’m a realtor with Lamacchia Realty. I could tell right away that it was an aggressive company, that you get out there and you make things happen. You didn’t just sit in an office and wait for the things to come to you. Where I was previously, there were no leads. You waited for the phone to ring, and the phone doesn’t ring that often, you need to, again, make things happen.

With the leads at Lamacchia gives you not only the leads they give you, but the training they give on how to take those leads, and convert those leads, and become successful with those leads. That’s what is important. It’s a competitive marketplace out there right now, but with the things that we’ve learned at Lamacchia and with the guidance of Lamacchia, also when we need help, we’re able to navigate through those transactions and in most cases win the bids for our clients.

I’m very impressed with how accessible management is. In some companies, management can be very aloof. You don’t really see them or they are scarce when you are around. At Lamacchia, you can speak to any management person. If you have a question and you’re not sure, rather than guessing or rather than give your client information that it might not be accurate, reach out to your company and just run it by them, so that you know that you’re doing the right thing for your client.

It’s not like everyone is your competitor. You do work together with the other agents. There’s camaraderie, a friendship. It makes it a lot more fun to do your business. When you go into your local Lamacchia office to do work, there is other people there that you can be friendly with, you can bounce ideas of off.

We have training on a weekly basis, so we’re on top of every market trend. Every trend in the real estate industry, we are kept abreast of. The training is very important. We know how to navigate the real estate industry, the real estate landscape. There’s a lot of agents out there and as you do business everyday, you see some agents are very good and other agents aren’t very good, unfortunately. We do everything we can to stay on top of our game so that we can take care of our clients, because taking care of our clients is number one priority. Without our clients, we don’t have a business.