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Anthony Lamacchia: Think of what it would be like to have someone in the office that will take your call, will send something out for you right away, that’s already sending something out without you telling them, that’s already connecting parties without you telling them. That’s the type of services we offer.

AJ Bruce: If I were to go and hire someone to work for me full-time to take care of my paperwork, dealing with attorneys, dealing with everything from A to Z in a real estate transaction, it would cost me much more money. I have it at my fingertips within the company I work for, so it really is a huge weight off my shoulders and it gives me the time to do what I do best, which is being out in the field selling houses and not dealing with the behind the scenes stuff like paperwork and whatnot.

Sacha Anastasio: With my previous company, I was struggling, spinning my wheels basically to have six deals a year. When I came here the first year with Lamacchia, I did just about 13, and then from there with listing services provided for me, I jumped from 13 to 29, and I see it going up from there.

Anthony: As far as our assistants go, every single one of them has a real estate license. Some of them actually sold homes before getting into these jobs. Some of them actually sold several hundred homes. These people have sales experience, some of which have more experience than the agents they’re working with. They understand the stresses that a seller goes through, the stresses that a buyer goes through, the stresses that a listing agent or a buyer agent goes through when they’re trying to navigate a sale. When you have assistants like these that we do, this team of people that are this good, it makes everything go smoother and makes the agent’s life a lot easier.

Deanna Faucher: When they attend a listing appointment, one of the big points that I always bring up is that I have an assistant. I have a team that I work with. I have professional photographers that come and do interactive floor plans on their home. I have an assistant, again, who stands by me from beginning to end in the transaction. It’s a big selling point, it’s a big marketing tool that we can provide to our sellers.

Kip LeBaron: Now, that I have these services behind me, I’m able to inform potential sellers within the listing presentation that, “Hey, I have a team, and with this team we’re going to get all this stuff done. Nothing is going to fall between the cracks. We’re going to dot our I’s, cross our T’s so that your listing of your home is guaranteed to be successful.”

Anthony: Take our President’s Club for example. Last year, I want to say we had eight or nine agents in President’s Club. Every single one of them except one who had their own full-time assistant is utilizing the company’s assistant services. That’s no coincidence. The reason they’re doing that well, is A, because they’re a really good realtor, but B, because they’re getting the help from the office, from that assistant, so that they can be more efficient.

Deanna: Making President’s Club was my biggest accomplishment of the year, but without the tools that Lamacchia provided me, I don’t know if I would have made it that far.

Michelle Wesson: By using a these services, again, things have barely changed for me. I’ve been able to go away. I did win a trip to the President’s Club in Aruba this year. It was a magnificent four days of relaxation and none of my clients suffered for it. Everyone had my back, especially the paid assistants that I use. Some of my clients probably don’t even know that I was away.

Darlene Umina: Even if your intentions are super good and you want to keep everything in mind and you want to be organized, once you reach that certain level of business, you literally can’t. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had that conversation with the listing agent and said, “Yes, I have somebody behind me just sweeping up all the pieces and making sure that everything falls in line,” and they feel more confident accepting my offer because they know nothing’s going to fall by the wayside.