Lisa Durant

Lisa Durant: We have a support network like no other company had ever seen before; from the ownership to the management team, to the support staff, and then to the agents within the offices. It’s phenomenal. Anything from systems to services that are in place for agents to take advantage of. You have a new listing coming on and being able to just click a button and then have a photographer scheduled to go out or your signs installed. More than that, it was being a culture, being a part of something that I hadn’t been a part of in any other firm.

Marketing is there for you at your fingertips. If you are not marketing yourself with this company, shame on you. Everything is ready for you. You simply take what’s there, and utilize it and implement it. We have an endless amount of training and you take advantage of what interests you. What I love is that agents who have been in the business for 20, 25, 30 years are showing up. They are learning. There is so much being offered here. It’s simply a matter of really taking a hold of it and running with it.

If you are a brand new agent to the industry, this is absolutely 100% the place for you. Lamacchia wants to see you do well, and they are going to give you the tools and all the techniques to do that. They’re not going to hold your hand. They’re going to hold you accountable for putting the effort into building your business, but they will support you along the way.

Being a part of the training here has shown me that there’s so much more I could be doing. I could be doing it better, simpler. There’s no reinventing the wheel. The things that I felt were missing in other companies was, how to be a little bit different? How to be innovative? There are trainings that you go to; you spend 25 or 45 in the said training, and then you immediately have something tangible, that you can implement into your business and make a change.

Look at the agents that are associated with Lamacchia. Look at the retention. What’s very different about Lamacchia versus some of the other firms in the area is it just don’t leave. They’re here for five, 10 plus years. That’s unheard of in this industry.

If you are a seasoned agent, and you are comfortable where you’re at but want more, want to do more business, want more services, want to be involved in a culture like no other, have a conversation. It’s not going to hurt you to spend 30 minutes having a conversation with Anthony, or perhaps somebody else in the management team with the business development team.

You’re not losing up by spending 30 minutes getting educated. Go to one of our Crush It In Real Estate training that Anthony does. Don’t do what I did. Don’t wait another five years. Do it now. You’ll appreciate it. You’ll thank yourself in the end.